The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) PS4 Games Of The Decade (According To Metacritic)

To show the gap between the best and the worst, we've collected both the highest-rated and lowest-rated PS4 games on Metacritic and put them together

One of the biggest gaming moments of the decade was the release of the PS4. In the subsequent years, some of the best games ever have been released onto the popular console. Although, as with any gaming system, not every title has hit the mark, with some weaker games also making their way onto the Playstation 4.

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To show the gap between the best and the worst, we've collected both the highest-rated and lowest-rated PS4 games on Metacritic and put them together on this list. Now, if one of your favorites is in the worst section (unlikely), then blame Metacritic.

10 Best: Persona 5 - 93

There are multiple PS4 games on Metacritic with a 93 rating, but Persona 5 has been chosen for the list due to having a higher user score than the others.

It's no surprise that Persona 5 has a high score as it's an outstanding turn-based JRPG with an incredible art style, compelling narrative, and satisfying gameplay. The highlight of the game though is its unique take on dungeons, which they call palaces. Each individual palace is based on the mind of a character, which makes them all very diverse.

9 Worst: Energy Hook - 22

Energy Hook's claim to fame that it is made by Jamie Fristrom, who worked on the popular Spider-Man 2 game years ago. However, unlike the beloved Spider-Man title, Energy Hook's swinging mechanics are hurt by poor controls and an awful camera. This is particularly troublesome, as swinging is pretty much all you do in the game.

There's no story, which could've been fine, but there's also an absence of character and personality as well. Also, its visuals don't come anywhere close to what you expect from a PS4 game, which is clear from the above image.

8 Best: God Of War - 94

It was a risky move to re-imagine a popular series like God Of War, yet any worries prior to release disappeared once this magnificent game hit the shelves.

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The whole game is an outstanding narrative experience. However, the relationship between Kratos and Atreus is particularly interesting because it shows a deeper side to the demigod that's missing in previous games. Luckily, the combat lives up to the story's brilliance, regardless of whether you're throwing Kratos's ax around or battling one of the game's bosses. There are even some clever puzzles to add more variety to the gameplay.

7 Worst: Afro Samurai 2: Revenge Of Kuma Volume One - 21

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume One was so bad that the publisher pulled the game from PSN and Steam and offered refunds before giving a public apology and canceling the planned Volume 2 and 3.

Its problems are numerous, from the writing to the visuals, yet the primary one is it's just not fun to play. Constant frame rate issues, poor hit detection, and a horrible camera make any combat sequence tiresome. Despite coming out six years after its predecessor, it fails to live up to the first Afro Samurai game.

6 Best: The Last Of Us Remastered - 95

There are no surprises that The Last Of Us features high on this list since it is one of the best games in recent memory. A key reason for its greatness is because it has some of the most well-written characters in gaming history. Seeing the development of Joel and Ellie as individuals as well as their relationship with each other is amazing. Additionally, there's the equally well-written Left Behind story DLC included in the remastered version.

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While the game's mainly known for its narrative, its stealth and shooting mechanics are also great and are improved from the PS3 version due to the faster frame rate.

5 Worst: Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers - 21

Nobody was expecting Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers to be much more than mediocre, still a score of 21 shows it is far worse than that. One reason for the low score is the fact that even though it has the licensing of some of Cartoon Network's most popular characters, they haven't voiced any of them, so they're not as entertaining as they are in their respective shows.

Boring and repetitive gameplay doesn't help the game's score. Neither does the fact that you're forced to replay certain levels just to get hidden items to finish the game, which makes it even more repetitive.

4 Best: Red Dead Redemption 2 - 97

Critics clearly love their strong narratives since Red Dead Redemption 2 is another example of storytelling excellence. Arthur Morgan's tale of battling illness while striving for redemption remains compelling throughout the lengthy campaign. This is helped by a fantastic cast of supporting characters, including Dutch, Sadie, and John that all have interesting stories of their own.

Outside of the main story, there are countless side missions and fun activities to do in the game's insanely detailed world. Add in satisfying gunplay and an abundance of customization options, and you've got a game that's earned its incredible score.

3 Worst: Rugby 15 - 19

Rugby games have never been as successful as the likes of FIFA, NBA 2K, and Madden, titles like Rugby 15 are the reason why.

Sports are all about intense competition, but that is absent in Rugby 15 due to the game's poor opposing team A.I that is really easy to beat. Beating them isn't even fun either, as gameplay is hampered by a constant stream of bugs. If that wasn't enough, it also doesn't stack up to other sports titles in terms of presentation, due to the lack of licensed teams and overall poor visuals.

2 Best: Grand Theft Auto V - 97

In further proof of Rockstar's excellence, GTA V shares top spot with Red Dead Redemption 2 with a score of 97. It's hard to argue with the critics as Grand Theft Auto V is a phenomenon.

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The expansive GTA Online still maintains a hefty player base due in part to Rockstar's commitment to consistently release new content. Whereas the single-player campaign includes fascinating protagonists, fun missions, and Rockstar's signature witty writing. Not to mention, it all (besides a short sequence in North Yankton) takes place in the beautiful Los Santos and surrounding countryside, which are both filled with things to do.

1 Worst: Orc Slayer - 15

The generically named Orc Slayer has the (dis)honor of being the worst PS4 game, according to Metacritic. There isn't a whole lot to say about the game because there isn't a lot to do in it. You run around killing Orcs and a few other enemies with a slither of story attached to it, and that's about it.

This game could've been passable if the combat was brilliant, but it's not. Regular frame rate issues hamper the already basic gameplay and with the game's graphics and it's overall lack of content, the frame drops are unacceptable for a game on a system that can handle Red Dead Redemption 2. Slaying Orcs has never been less fun.

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