Bethesda Apologizes For Doom Titles Disappearing From Xbox One Dashboard


Bethesda has fixed an issue that prevented the recently re-released Doom titles from being able to be purchased on Xbox One.

It’s a great time to be a Doom fan. QuakeCon 2019 saw the release of new teasers and trailers for the upcoming 2016 Doom sequel, Doom Eternal, which promises more demon-slaying mayhem. But also announced at QuakeCon were the re-release of the classic Doom trilogy, including Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3.

Sadly, Xbox One owners weren’t able to purchase the re-released titles as Bethesda accidentally delisted them from the Microsoft Store. Worse, people who already owned the Xbox 360-version couldn’t download, install, or play any of their older Doom titles.

The issue didn’t last long though. Bethesda announced on Sunday afternoon that they’d solved the issue that prevented Doom and Doom II from downloading. “We have resolved an issue where the Xbox 360 releases for Doom & Doom II were inaccessible from the “Ready to Install” dashboard on Xbox One,” Bethesda wrote on their official support Twitter account.

“If you have previously purchased these Xbox 360 titles, you can now re-download them on Xbox One. Thank you for your patience.”

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While Doom and Doom II were previously available on Xbox 360 thanks to an older port, the recent re-release is the first time those games would be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It's also the first time that Doom 3 would be playable on modern consoles.

And they might not be alone. Doom 64—the relatively obscure Nintendo 64 entry in the Doom franchise that took place after the events of Doom II—also recently got a PEGI rating. This could indicate a Doom 64 re-release is on the way, although we’ve got no word from Bethesda on that particular Doom title.

Doom Eternal is the big prize, though. The sequel to Doom releases on November 22nd and will feature new weapons, new demons, and an Earth overrun by the forces of Hell. Prepare to don the mark of the Doom Slayer once again later this fall.

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