Bethesda's Pete Hines Confirms The Obvious: There Will Be A Wolfenstein 3

It looks like Wolfenstein III will come...eventually. The game was well-received critically and made waves with its ad campaign, but it still didn't hit big sales numbers. This, and the developer's focus on DLC, left some fans wondering if Wolfenstein II would be the end of the series. Now we have official word that, duh, of course there will be Wolfenstein III.

According to Den Of Geek, Bethesda's Pete Hines was recently interviewed about the publisher's upcoming games. At one point, the interviewer pressed Hines on Wolfenstein's fate, bringing up its seemingly poor sales. Hines dodged the issue until the interviewer flat-out asked him to confirm Wolfenstein III. He did, saying "Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III...we all have to see how that ends."

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While Hines was able to so casually confirm Wolfenstein III, the interviewer did bring up a good reason as to why fans might worry. Just last year, the talk around the gaming industry was that big-budget single-player games were on the way out. After all, why should a company spend tons of money making a single-player game when quickly-made multiplayer experiences like Fortnite do much better?

The Star Wars Battlefront II loot box fiasco was another indicator of where game publishers seemed to be headed. They clearly wanted a world where they could make bank off of micro-transactions instead of having to invest in huge games that might just flop. Fortunately, Nintendo's success with the Switch, God Of War, and the new Spider-Man are showing that single-player isn't done yet.

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Hines also assured the interviewer, and the readers, that a studio can multitask. He used Todd Howard as an example, bringing up the fact that The Elder Scrolls VI is still a long ways off despite Skyrim being so very successful. The delay has nothing to do with Howard's faith in the franchise, just that he feels more creatively motivated by Fallout 76 and Starfield at the moment. Similarly, the Wolfenstein team would rather explore the side story of the Youngblood DLC before jumping into the next full-fledged chapter.

Basically, Wolfenstein III will happen. Whenever they feel like getting around to it.

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