How To Be A Good Apex Legends Teammate Even If You’re A Lousy Player

Have you ever watched a truly fantastic match of Apex Legends and been inspired to hop into the game yourself, only to be quickly reminded that you are not as skilled as world-class, competitive teams? Fear not! One does not need to be dizzy or ace of NRG Esports to be a great teammate.

At its core, Apex Legends functions exactly like other battle royale games, and many of the skills from other titles are needed here. Pick a landing spot, communicate as best you can, loot up and share items, fight with your team, and be sure to use the Down on the D-pad (or “H” on PC) to thank helpful players, and you’ll be bringing your team up far more than down in each match.

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Does My Kill/Death Ratio Matter?

Yes and no, like most stats in the game. Everything is contextual, and only focusing on how many kills you get may be irrelevant if your whole team dies in the process. Some players may only focus on the K/D ratio, but do not let that sway your own playstyle. More importantly, you may not be as skilled in defeating other opponents, but this is why the game has a wide range of Legends to choose from, some of which specialize in supporting others, to keep them alive so they can do what you cannot.

Choosing A Legend And Their Style

This may sound like a basic bit of information, but be sure to take the time to try out and learn each Legend that is available. Perhaps you first tried your hand at overly aggressive characters, those who are deadly in the hands of a master, but less so in your hands.

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What about a support, or a defensive Legend? Someone who can still deal damage when needed, but excels at protecting their teammates? Gibraltar, for instance, specializes in preventing incoming damage with his Dome of Protection and Gun Shield. A Legend like Pathfinder specializes in providing both information and mobility for a team, both of which can be vital.

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In addition to selecting a Legend who can better work to assist a team, there are certain behaviors that make you not only a pleasure to team up with, but also looks to make the team stronger. Do you often revive characters? Lifeline may be the perfect Legend for those who prefer the role of a medic. Even in games where there are no roles to specialize in, like Fortnite, one can still be a great teammate simply with the right attitude, as seen in the popular video below.

Apart from choosing a role that accentuates support skills, consider how you share loot. A shiny piece of purple armor might be enticing, but might another player benefit more from taking it? These sorts of decisions are what make the overall team stronger and bring everyone together.

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Communication – Be Direct!

Being helpful goes beyond trying to guess what your team might need. Consider asking directly what they might need. Heals, certain weapons, even being a “backpack” to help carry essential items could be useful. Calling out danger, helpful finds, and pinging properly can all be useful.

Over time, you may become a better fighter, or you may find yourself an expert supporter of your teammates, and that in itself is still a path to be a great player.

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