Beyond Gordon-Levitt: JGL To Help Ubisoft Promote Beyond Good & Evil

Now this is a powerhouse of a collaboration. If you thought Keegan-Michael Kay playing Skyrim through an Amazon Alexa was a team-up for the ages (which you did, of course, because it is), you haven’t seen anything yet. Let’s take a look at what Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cooking up for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

So, you might not have heard this underground info, but a little show called E3 has going on for the past few days. you may not have heard of it, as it’s a low-key sort of thing, but there it is. As far as Ubisoft are concerned, one of their biggest deals is Beyond Good & Evil 2. It’s a follow-up (well, a prequel) to 2003’s cult classic action adventure, and it’s one ambitious project indeed.

At last year’s E3, the title was officially unveiled, and we were given just a glimpse of what a sprawling RPG it promises to be. The goal here is to take the whole free-roaming trend in games just now and run with it. The brief little nuggets of gameplay we’ve seen so far hint at that.

For such a lofty project, naturally, the team are going to need to call on some real talent. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, apparently, is the man for the job.

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If you’re not seeing the link here, the American actor and director is the founder of HitRecord. This is a production company that allows collaborators to join together, create together and be paid for their work. In terms of Beyond Good & Evil 2, this partnership will essentially allow talented fans to create all kinds of assets to be featured within the game.

Naturally, there are some caveats here. This isn’t a Splatoon 2 kind of situation, where you can draw anything in the chat boxes and see it featured on billboards in the stages. It’s a process of refinement, adaption and such. Nevertheless, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for many. As Polygon reports, HitRecord’s site has been struggling since the announcement, groaning under the weight of eager people trying to join the community and get involved.

For more details on this collaboration, fresh from HitRecord themselves, check out this clip from Ubisoft.

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