BFG But The G Stands For Guy: Doom Eternal Reveals Its Deadliest Enemy Yet

Doom Hunter

Doom Eternal is getting a very angry cybernetically-enhanced demon to take on the Doom Guy.

Last weekend was QuakeCon 2019, and Doom Eternal was center stage. Mostly because there are no more Quake games so the entire convention has just become a centerpiece for Bethesda’s more action-oriented franchises, which just so happens to be Doom currently.

During Bethesda’s 90-minute keynote address, they showed off several clips of what we can expect with the sequel to 2016’s Doom reboot. First, we were given a new trailer that shows a bit more of the demonic hellscape that the Earth has become following an unknown period of time since the events on Mars.

Second, we were introduced to the new Doom Hunter, a big baddie set to do battle in Doom Eternal. The short clip showcases the Demon’s cybernetic enhancements, which includes a dual-blade chainsaw replacing its left arm, anti-grav pods replacing its feet, and heat-seeking missile launchers riding on either hip.

It seems like a pretty big challenger, although the last few seconds seems to imply that the Doom Slayer prevails once again.

We’re still not clear if the Doom Hunter will be a regular baddie or if it’ll be a boss fight. The running theory is that the Doom Hunter will act as a recurring boss character, slowing getting additional upgrades as the Doom Slayer defeats it. That’s just a theory though, so we’ll have to wait for more info to know for sure.

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Subsequent clips showcase the new “Battlemode” multiplayer mode which pits two player-controlled demons against the Doom Slayer in a 2v1 fight. The demon side has 5 different Demons to choose from and each has their own special abilities. They can also drop hazards and summon AI-controlled lesser demons to fight the Doom Slayer while they set up a killing blow.

You can expect all-new weapons and twice as many demon types when Doom Eternal arrives on November 22nd. You'll have quite the choice of venue too, with the game being available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Windows PC.

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