One Big Streamer Isn't Cut Out For Apex Legends According to Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect, one of the featured streamers in the upcoming Apex Legends tournament, had some choice words for Summit1g.

When it comes to Apex Legends, shots are being fired on and off the battlefield. During a recent stream, Dr. Disrespect lived up to his name and boldly declared that Summit1g isn't man enough for the new battle royale game. Of course it was all part of the Doc's brand of trash talking humor, but Twitch fans are eating it up all the same.

Apex Legends has been off to a huge start, earning a million of players mere hours after its surprise Monday release. This kind of traffic naturally attracted the big names in Twitch streaming, and Apex developer Respawn is looking to capitalize on that attention. They've announced a tournament for the game with a $50,000 prize going to the squads that manage to conquer their respective regions. Dr. Disrespect is among the streamers invited to participate.

As the Doc was streaming some Apex gameplay yesterday, a viewer asked him if Summit1g posed a threat in the upcoming tournament. You can watch his taunting response below (via Dexerto).

“No, he’s lost his skill, man. He’s been jumping from one ship to the other in the middle of the open seas. He's used to pressing X and going lunging with a knife. This is where the big boys are playing right now. Ain’t no hiding in the captain’s quarters, you can’t hide in this game. I'll tell you right now, if that guy EVER crosses my path in this game: night.”

Dr. Disrespect was referring specifically to Summit1g's tactics in Sea of Thieves, where he likes to hide on enemy ships and ambush them at the most opportune time. This has earned him a bit of a reputation among Twitch viewers as a cowardly game player. That passive nature, according to the Doc, would make him a poor choice for the action-packed battles of Apex Legends.

Again, it's worth noting that the Doc says these things playfully, well within the cocky nature of his character. But many viewers in his Twitch chat were willing to take that provocation to heart and spread word of the Doc's challenge. As of this writing, Summit1g hasn't responded. Maybe he's waiting for the tournament to give his answer.

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