Biomutant Gamescom Footage Shows Off Unique Open World Action

Biomutant got 30 minutes of gameplay footage at Gamescom to reveal its unique and colorful open world.

Have you ever felt that the world would be a better place if it were just inhabited by raccoons? They pollute less by actually eating garbage instead of producing it, they have tiny hands they can use to clean things and open raccoon-proof garbage containers, and they’re adorable. Frankly, it’d be a strict upgrade.

And that’s the world you can expect in Biomutant, an upcoming open-world action RPG from Swedish developer Experiment 101. These folks are taking a bit of a departure from their previous gig as former devs at Avalanche making the Just Cause series, and while you will certainly notice some similarities in gameplay, the presentation is a lot more… cute.

For starters, you play as a raccoon. Yes, you’re a raccoon with a badass eyepatch, a chain sword, and a machine gun, but you’re also small and fuzzy. The rest of the world is also filled with animal people, although not all of them are as adorable as you are.

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First revealed at Gamescom 2017, this year’s Gamescom gave us a 30-minute preview of what to expect from Biomutant, courtesy of GamersPrey.

The interesting thing about Biomutant is that gene manipulation will not just affect your character’s stats and abilities, but also how they look. The initial character creation makes that apparent while you cycle through each of your character’s stats. Make a raccoon with a lot of strength and you’ll be big and buff, but focus more on intelligence and you’ll get a big head and nerdy buck teeth.

You’ll still be a racoon though, which means combat is a mix of fast scampers and elegant slashes with your chain sword. The game’s cartoonish nature is also exemplified by the machine gun, which has a comic-style “pew pew pew” during automatic fire and a “klick klick klick” when the magazine runs dry.

And at one point you hop on a giant rocket and use it to blow open a door.

Biomutant is set to release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We still don’t have a specific launch date, but the video shows a game that’s pretty close to being done, so we suspect it’ll arrive for the holidays.

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