10 BioShock Theories Too Good To Be True

The Bioshock series has been enormously popular and inspired so many theories — but some of them are just too amazing to be canon.

What began as a survival horror game and a first-person shooter evolved into one of the most perplexing game trilogies of the last decade. To this day, people continue to debate the events of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. The series is filled with numerous uncertainties, which leaves room for an abundance of BioShock theories.

A number of the theories below are plausible. Much of what is theorized could be proven in another BioShock game. This is why the following assumptions will remain as theories and not facts.

10 Booker DeWitt Is BioShock's Andrew Ryan

One of the most plausible theories suggests that Booker DeWitt is Andrew Ryan. In a parallel universe, Booker Dewitt could have created the underwater city of Rapture instead of the airborne city of Columbia. Renaming himself as Andrew Ryan would help him avoid gambling debts, and stop people from chasing him.

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Since Booker DeWitt's other identity is Zachary Comstock, it would make sense if Andrew Ryan is the underwater version of Zachary Comstock. The number of similarities between Zachary Comstock and Andrew Ryan is creepily unsettling.

9 Songbird Is Another Version Of Booker DeWitt

The theory that the half-man inside Songbird is Booker DeWitt who was fused into the machine could be a possibility. Songbird shows much affection towards Elizabeth and like Booker DeWitt, Songbird was drowned in water.

BioShock's Voxophones provide us with greater detail on the subject. From one of Fink's Voxophones, we can tell that Songbird is half-man and half-machine. Elizabeth, who could open tears in the universe, may have brought back another Booker DeWitt, knowing it was necessary to flee the tower and defeat Comstock. It's not outlandish to surmise that Songbird is also Booker DeWitt.

8 After Nearly Dying, Booker DeWitt Created Rapture

"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink" Is it a coincidence that many BioShock Infinite's characters drown? Comstock, Songbird, and Booker are supposed to have died from drowning. One theory suggests that Booker DeWitt didn't die at the end of BioShock Infinite; he decided to build the city of Rapture.

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The official label says that BioShock Infinite is a spiritual successor to BioShock. How BioShock Infinite ties to the other games could change with the release of a new game. Undertaking a project that is a sequel to BioShock Infinite would be exceedingly complex. Trying to decipher the trilogy's plot and make it relate to a new game would be time-consuming given the series' plot turns.

7 Andrew Ryan Is Still Alive

One BioShock theory suggests that Andrew Ryan never died at the end of BioShock. Ryan allowed Jack to injure him, and he used a blood packet to fool Jack. Since Jack thought he was dead, Andrew Ryan could escape the city of Rapture without Fontaine or Jack knowing. The end of Andrew Ryan didn't make much sense because it seems unlikely that Ryan wanted to be beaten to death by Jack. This theory provides closure to what was a pretty hard-hitting ending.

6 Booker DeWitt Cannot Be Killed Because Becoming Comstock Was Inevitable

This theory supports the notion that there is no free will, and everything that happens to Booker DeWitt will occur with certainty. It's possible that Booker DeWitt was inevitably going to become Zachary Comstock. This means that Elizabeth could not drown Booker, nor could Booker die in any other way except when he is old and is murdered by himself.

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Another BioShock game could strengthen the validity of this theory. We don't know the rules of BioShock Infinite's time travel. The cliffhangers left in BioShock Infinite make a sequel game necessary.

5 Booker DeWitt Survived Since Elizabeth Never Disappeared

For the story of BioShock Infinite to make sense, Elizabeth should have disappeared at the end of the game. Since Elizabeth drowned Booker DeWitt (her father), this means that Columbia would never be created and Anna instead of Elizabeth would exist. It is possible that Booker DeWitt survived the drowning, was reborn again, and made different choices in his life. Much of the story is not explained. Since Columbia disappeared, it would only make sense that Elizabeth does as well.

4 Zachary Comstock Was Not The Villain Of BioShock Infinite

Based on the events that occurred in BioShock Infinite, it can be deduced that Zachary Comstock wasn't that bad of a guy in comparison to Booker DeWitt. Near the end of BioShock Infinite, Booker Dewitt murders Zachary Comstock in a blinding rage. Also, after the scene, Booker lies to Elizabeth to cover his tracks, saying he doesn't know what Comstock is talking about.

From Zachary Comstock's perspective, he may have been trying to save Anna from living with Booker DeWitt, who is a gambling addict and poor role-model. Zachary Comstock gave her a pleasant place to live and planned to give the city to Elizabeth when he passes away. It's possible that you play as the villain in BioShock Infinite.

3 Rapture From All Three Games Is Not The Same Place

The fictional city of Rapture could be a different place in all games. While many people assume that people are returning to the city of Rapture over and over, we have to remember that manipulating time can have grave consequences. The city of Rapture could be from any universe since characters like Elizabeth and the twins are capable of interdimensional travel. Rapture from all three games may not be the same place. It's probable that we see the same city in different universes.

2 The Enemies You Defeat Are The Same In Each Game

In line with the theory about Rapture being part of a parallel universe to Columbia, the enemies in BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite may be the same people you kill over and over. Since they are part of a parallel universe, the enemies still exist, but they take on a different appearance. Just take a look at BioShock's bizarre enemies. It would make sense if BioShock's enemies were a sickly version of BioShock Infinite's. While Columbia is a floating city in the sky, the city of Rapture contrasts by being an underwater microcosm.

1 Songbird Is The Big Daddies In A Parallel Universe

This theory says that Songbird is a Big Daddy from BioShock and BioShock 2 in a parallel universe. It is strange how Elizabeth has a relationship with Songbird like the Little Sisters have with Big Daddies.

A Big Daddy protects the city of Rapture from intruders and splicers. Songbird protects the city of Columbia in almost the same manner. With time travel being a part of the BioShock series, it would make sense if Songbird was related to the Big Daddy. At this point, we can only speculate, but it could be true since Songbird is also half-man and half-machine.

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