9 Hilarious BioShock Memes Only True Fans Understand

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Not only do you spend most of your time in dimly lit corridors, but this iconic franchise is packed with horrid themes such as mutated children being turned into fuel storage and the elderly being stuffed and packed into "Big Daddy" type suits. But boy oh boy does that nightmare-type content make for some great memes -- and here are 10 solid ones.

9 Sooo About That Ending...


Bioshock Infinite has a lot of things going for it -- a fully detailed world with plenty of unique enemies and environments all shown off spectacularly with some of the best dang graphics to date. That being said though, that ending is the very definition of "hate it, or love it."

Sure it's fun to act like you understand everything that's going on by the end of the game and praise yourself for being "smart enough" to understand it all. But in reality, most gamers found the ending at least somewhat convoluted and definitely worth poking fun at.

8 Jealousy In The DeWitt Household


While "Handymen" will never replace the awesomeness that is the "Big Daddy" the character still did an awesome job of finding its own lane in Bioshock Infinite. While "Big Daddy's" certainly have a tragic backstory, being genetically mutated humans who were forcibly placed into gigantic mechanical suits. But "Handymen" might take the cake for truly depressing backstory, being an abomination that was created to give the elderly in Columbia a new purpose when they weren't as productive anymore. Yeah, it's some cynical crazy stuff and it might also be the reason that Booker isn't thrilled to see Elizabeth bring one back as a boyfriend.

7 Some Tears Were Never Meant To Be Opened


Bioshock Infinite more or less had the same template as the other games, with one major exception being your partner in crime -- Elizabeth. It sure would've been fun running around with someone like Elizabeth in the other games, especially due to her power of ripping tears that link between two different worlds.

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It's pretty neat, except when these portals show nasty things on the other side, and there's nothing worse than seeing the upcoming Sonic movie. As of now, the upcoming film hasn't dropped yet, but with the track records that video game movies have, we don't have our hopes too high.

6 Video Game Looting At Its Finest


Ahh, video game looting, where you'll find large quantities of food inside the toilet and equally large sums of money in washing machines. With all the millions of tasks and programming that goes into video game design, we can't help but understand when developers place in-game items in some rather questionable places. But hey, that doesn't mean we can't find it hilarious when these happenings do occur. While the Fallout series is probably the most guilty of this habit, Bioshock isn't too far behind as this meme points out. So, next time you're at the grocery store maybe check that bag of chips -- it could be holding fat stacks of cash.

5 Wait For It...


Man was this game hype, and any gamer that has ridden any proper hype-train will tell you how fun it is to be a passenger on one. The trailers, presentations, and meager amount of gameplay footage released prior to the game got everyone frothing at the mouth.

So yeah, you pretty much just had to utter the words "Bioshock" and everyone and their mamas were shooting off fireworks. Infinite definitely delivered when the time came, but any gamer will also tell you how crappy it feels to be burned by the overhyping of a game. It's like gaming and hype go together better than PB & J.

4 Holy Trinities


It isn't easy making a third anything -- a third movie (Matrix Revolution), a third game (Mass Effect, Assassins Creed), heck, even making a third peanut butter and jelly sandwich takes some careful craftsmanship (trust me, I'm a pb&j connoisseur).

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Bioshock Infinite joined the rather short list of great third games, rounding out the trilogy rather nicely. Plus it did what every great third game should do -- let it stand out with its own ambitions, but play it close enough while it's still recognizable to the other games in the series. And I think we all know what game still, STILL has to round out its series with a third and final game. (Knack 3 Baby!)

3 Man, History Sure Is Weird


It's fun to finally be old enough to have lived through a few trends. All those things that your parents seem to be frustrated at for indulging in their youth, such as parachute pants, big hair, and leg warmers. You instead look back on with nostalgia glasses and say "coooool".

Though when the shoe is on the other foot, you realize just how ridiculous trends are -- enter the fidget spinner, life's biggest and most trendy time waster. And who would've thought that this thing made it's debut all the way back in the 1900s, as Infinite so clearly and so colorfully displays?

2 Well, You Said Anything Right?


Not gonna lie, tears were a cool concept, buuuut the execution probably could've been a lot cooler. Now let me preface this by saying I hope my memory is serving me well here, because if it is I remember tears opening to some fairly interesting places like Paris where an oncoming car is headed straight for you and Rapture in later DLC. Though in reality this feature could've been played up a lot more -- ok, maybe not as much as this meme, but it still makes an excellent point. We could've been exploring Pandora from Borderlands and the courts from 2K.

1 "You Ain't CJ!"


Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but GTA: San Andreas is a little before my time. Sure I was gaming then, but if you think my parents were going to let me play this gruesome, ultra-violent and incredibly fun game, you must've not known my folks.

That being said, who doesn't know about how great this game is, especially it's fantastic cast of characters including Cj and Big Smoke. Though it might be a replica of another meme higher up on this list, this one is undoubtedly funnier and it continues with our theme that tears could've been so much cooler! Oh well, here's to great games!

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