Bioshock: 10 Mysteries That Another Game Could Solve

Bioshock has a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries. Maybe the only solution is for 2K Games and Arkane Studios to make another game...

BioShock's story is one of the most complicated and hard to follow stories in the past two decades of video games. In all three BioShock games, questions are left unanswered. BioShock Infinite's cliffhanger ending has confused many players and started a discussion that never seems to end. Like or hate the ending of BioShock Infinite, it left some unanswered questions that need to be addressed.

The only viable solution to the gaming community's confusion over BioShock would be for 2K Games and Arkane Studios to make another BioShock game. Warning, this list contains spoilers. These are 10 BioShock mysteries that another game could solve.

10 Was Andrew Ryan A Villain Or A Hero?

One of the biggest mysteries of BioShock is if Andrew Ryan was a hero or a villain. Andrew Ryan was a hard-working businessman who created the city of Rapture. Rapture was a city with no regulation, allowing scientists to do whatever experiments and allowing citizens to earn as much as they can without needing to help other people. The idea sounds like it is destined for failure, and that is precisely what happened.

Admittedly, Andrew Ryan knew that the city of Rapture couldn't work. Regulations exist for the betterment of society and not for worse. Frank Fontaine is the true villain of BioShock, but even if Andrew Ryan had good intentions, he could still be considered a villain for the atrocities he committed. He could be an antihero, but another BioShock game could settle the age-old debate of if Andrew Ryan is a hero or villain.

9 Why Is Booker DeWitt's Coin Flip Always Heads?

In the BioShock series, we see variables such as changing cities and different city locations, but in the case of DeWitt's coin flip, the result is always the same. It's a likelihood that in the world of Rapture, the two scientists Lutece and Robert are one and the same. They are perhaps higher beings than Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. Lutece is from the world of Zachary Comstock and Robert is from the world of Booker DeWitt. We see a bunch of variables in BioShock Infinite, but not in the case of the coin flip.

8 Did Booker DeWitt Die At The End Of BioShock Infinite?

With an ending as complex as BioShock Infinite, there are lots of questions to be answered. Is it possible that in a seemingly infinite amount of universes, Booker DeWitt survived the drowning and became Comstock? It would seem as if both Booker DeWitt and Zachary Comstock were destroyed once Booker DeWitt drowned at the end of BioShock Infinite. Elizabeth's missing pinky means that people from alternate timelines can harm their counterpart. Age may also be a factor when considering alternate realities. It's possible that only younger people can affect alternate timelines. We can't know for sure if Booker DeWitt died or if he was reborn after drowning.

7 How Was Elizabeth Able To Open New Dimensions?

Arguably, one of BioShock's most perplexing moments happened during BioShock Infinite's ending. In the end, we learn a lot of facts about Booker DeWitt and Zachary Comstock's identity. Somehow Elizabeth was able to open "tears" that would allow her to go to another dimension. Some may be confused by thinking she is time traveling, but it's more complicated than that.

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We live in a three-dimensional world so we can think of Elizabeth's reality as being four dimensions. It's a mystery how she's able to manipulate space and time when most others cannot. One theory suggests she can travel because her pinky got caught in one of the tears. Another BioShock game could explain Elizabeth's interdimensional traveling.

6 Why Are Comstock And Elizabeth Always The Same Gender?

There seems to be a pattern to what changes and what doesn't. In an infinite amount of universes, there are lots of possibilities, so why are Comstock and Elizabeth always the same gender? Lutece and Robert are different genders. There should have been Elizabeths and Booker DeWitts from both genders. BioShock Infinite must take place in the future since Comstock is much older than Booker DeWitt.

Could it be that there is an alternate timeline where DeWitt is a woman and we just didn't see it? A new BioShock game may explain in greater detail how genders are decided in the series.

5 Why Isn't Jack's Alternate Identity Andrew Ryan?

“There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city,” but why are those constants when other facts about the story are variables. In BioShock Infinite, Booker DeWitt and Zachary Comstock are the same person. In the first BioShock,  protagonist Jack is the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan. The stories of BioShock Infinite and BioShock would have an almost perfect symmetry if Jack was Andrew Ryan. For the story of the BioShock series to make sense, Jack's alternate identity would have to be Andrew Ryan.

4 Does Elizabeth Hate Booker DeWitt?

Throughout the story of BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth seems to show a lot of aggression towards her father. At the end of BioShock, Booker DeWitt is drowned by multiple Elizabeths. We don't know for sure if DeWitt's demise means that Comstock will be stopped, but that seems to be the general consensus. For having lost Elizabeth as a baby, she might have resentful feelings towards her father. Elizabeth may also like living in the cloud city of Columbia. With a bird like Songbird protecting her, her life might not be as bad as it seems.

3 Is The BioShock Trilogy A Series Of Simulations?

One theory circulating the internet is if the BioShock trilogy is a bunch of simulations. In the first BioShock, you are Jack, and in the second, players play as Johnny Topside (Subject Delta). It's possible BioShock 2 is a second simulation of the first BioShock.

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The BioShock games may not even be sequels or prequels; they could be independent of each other and are both a sequel and a prequel. We don't know for sure how the timeline of the BioShock games works, but we can make assumptions based on clues.

2 Are Dishonored And BioShock Connected?

There are a plethora of reasons to suggest that Arkane Studios, the developer behind BioShock and Dishonored connected the two games. It would seem as if Dishonored is an alternate timeline of BioShock that takes place neither above the clouds or under the sea.

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In both BioShock and Dishonored there is a father and a daughter. Also, Dishonored brought players to a lighthouse at the end of the game. "There is always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city." Could it be that the games are just similar? A sequel to BioShock could explain if Dishonored is connected or not.

1 Is Booker DeWitt Andrew Ryan?

It is very likely that Booker DeWitt is Andrew Ryan. Constants such as there always being a lighthouse is present in all three BioShock games. The creator of the cloud city Columbia is Booker DeWitt who is Zachary Comstock, and the person who created the underwater city of Rapture is Andrew Ryan. This may sound really confusing, so don't feel bad for not following along. Since the alternate identity of Booker DeWitt is Zachary Comstock (who is the creator of Columbia), the alternate reality within the city of Rapture could make Booker DeWitt the creator of Rapture.

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