Bioware's Anthem Won't Have Any Paid DLC Or A Season Pass... Supposedly

Bioware lead producer Mike Gamble told fans that Anthem will not have paid DLC or a season pass, but then conflicting information came out.

2019 might just be the year in which the gaming industry takes some shocking risks. Yesterday we covered an ambitious collection of indie games that gives players a new game every day of the year. Today, the AAA side of gaming has some shocking news. EA and Bioware reportedly have no plans to charge for DLC in its upcoming game Anthem.

In case you need to read that again: EA of all companies is planning to release a big game and not fill it with tons of additional paid content. Skepticism is definitely healthy and expected, but word comes from Bioware's own lead producer Michael Gamble.

Gamble has been answering quite a few questions about Anthem on Twitter. When one fan asked if there would be a season pass for the game, Gamble very plainly said that there was no such thing. He even shot down the possibility of paid post-launch content by saying "Just get the game - don't worry after that."

This proclamation does fall in line with both Bioware and EA statements that Anthem will be treated as a live service game. That likely means that it will follow the same path as the publisher's other recent shooters, Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II, where smaller content updates are free and sprinkled throughout the year.

via: polygon.com

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for conflicting information to surface. The question of paid DLC was posed to Anthem's Executive Producer Mark Darrah, who left the door more open than Gamble did.

"For example, we might decide to add another Javelin in the future. Maybe that would be paid. Or maybe not. Absolutes are hard," Darrah said, according to Alt Char.

Javelins are the exosuits player characters wear. As you can imagine, Javelins offer a range of aesthetic choices as well as affect the stats of the wearer. Heavier suits offer more might in exchange for less agility, and the thinner suits do the opposite. It's easy to see how Bioware and EA might be tempted to make cooler, more powerful Javelins and charge for them.

Anthem releases on February 22nd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Buy it, and hope for no paid DLC, at your own risk.

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