Unconfirmed Leak Says Bioware Management Blames Customers For Anthem's Poor Reception


A new leak suggests that BioWare management is blaming the players for Anthem’s poor reception.

Anthem is going to be at E3. Again. We’re not sure exactly what EA has in store for us as Anthem has been tanking ever since being released half-done and full of bugs. Months later, players are still screaming for more content and a revamped loot system that BioWare hasn’t delivered.

It’s gotten so bad that Anthem players are just flat-out leaving the game. The Anthem subreddit is full of posts complaining that it’s impossible to fill high-level missions with a full squad, putting much of Anthem’s limited content out of reach.

Helping this player exodus along is the fact that Anthem’s forums and subreddit have basically been in full revolt for weeks now. It’s gotten so bad that BioWare thinks it’s the main reason that Anthem is failing.

According to an inside source speaking to MMOGfails.com, BioWare leadership is "actually blaming the players (their customers) and the 'vitriol' they spew as the reason of why the game is not selling as well as it should."

It’s certainly not the fact that BioWare shipped a half-finished game. No. It’s the players who are wrong.

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The source goes on to say that BioWare leadership at least acknowledges they released a half-finished game and also blames EA for rushing Anthem out the door. Apparently, EA believed they could get away with charging full price for half a game by waiving the “games as a service” card after the fact.

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“Games as a service” only works when you’re upfront about the fact that you intend to continue building the game. If you advertise a blockbuster release and charge a blockbuster price, gamers are going to expect a blockbuster. Anthem was anything but, and their outrage is entirely justified.

On the plus side, we learned that Anthem sold 3.7 million copies, so if BioWare does pull a rabbit out of their hat for E3 and give players exactly what they want, they might manage to convince those players to return. But as usual, we’re not holding our collective breath.

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