BioWare Celebrates N7 Day By Answering Mass Effect Mysteries

Mass Effect

Ever wanted to know the answer to some of Mass Effect’s greatest mysteries? Then this video should help you out.

Yesterday was November 7th, the annual celebration of all things Mass Effect due to the fact that it sort of sounds like N7. This year, BioWare’s Mass Effect creative director Mac Walters took to YouTube to answer questions from fans about the Mass Effect universe that might not have ever been answered in-game or in subsequently released materials.

And of course, the first question is the big one: what was the canonical ending at the end of Mass Effect 3? That game famously had three endings where you could either destroy the Reapers, control the Reapers, or integrate with the Reapers and live in some sort of weird bio-techno harmony.

Mac's first answer is a bit of a cop-out as he just says whatever ending you picked is the true canonical ending, but then admits that he moved on from the destruction ending to the synthesis ending as his preferred way to wrap up Shepherd's story.

Next: do Reaper Husks contain any semblance of the original person's personality? The answer here is super easy: no. They don't. Shoot them and move on.

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The next Mass Effect fan asks the fantastic question of what the Volus look like under their suits. It's always been a mystery as they never take off their suits due to the fact that human atmospheric conditions would kill them. They're squat and short and sound almost like the classic "nerd" parody, leading one to assume they look like little mole people.

However, Mac offers a different possibility. The Volus can't exist in Earth-like atmosphere, so perhaps they actually have very fair and delicate skin as a result. Food for thought.

But the best question by far is which species could “comingle”? The answer, according to Mac, is that Mass Effect is definitely a “free love zone,” so the question doesn’t become whether or not two species can fall in love and become more about whether that love can produce offspring. For that, biology is more the obstacle, but technology often clears the way.

There’s way more in the video, so if you’re a Mass Effect fan, check it out.

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