BioWare Clarifies That Anthem Vanity Chests Won’t Contain Armor After Mixup

Anthem players who were hoping that they would be on the receiving end of armor packs from the Elysian Stronghold Caches have been told that this month's update won't deliver, and they aren't very happy about it.

It appears that BioWare just can't catch a break nowadays as every step forward seemingly pushes them two steps back as far as the happiness of their community is concerned. And this time around, a miscommunication over the availability of armor is what has players angry.

A live stream comment had suggested that new armor sets would be available from chests while a tweet from lead producer Ben Irving piled it on. Irving, though, has since announced that armor is not included in the Elysian Caches, insisting that he thought he read something else when a Twitter user asked him when players would be able to earn armor sets in the game.

Irving responded by saying: "Elysian chests should be up next week." And while he made no mention of armor, it's the sort of response that suggests that it would be part of the update, considering the question.

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"My bad here," he tweeted later on. "I read the question as "when can we earn vanity in Anthem" as opposed to "when can we earn armor" - There are no armor packs in the Elysian Caches but there are a lot of very cool Vinyls, Arrival Animations, Victory Poses and Emotes. More details coming."

Another user weighed in, stating that there was no effort on BioWare's part to clear the misunderstanding even though there was never an actual indication of armor being in the chests.

“Sorry you’re disappointed, man," global community lead Andrew Johnson replied. "We are aware the community wants to see more armor sets. It’s not something anyone is trying to hold back. Some things just take more time.”

As if things weren't already a bit muddy, players were quite disappointed to learn that no new armor is incoming and have aired such via forums on Reddit and Twitter.

But, despite all of the negativity surrounding Anthem's release, the title was the number one selling game last month and is still doing pretty well.

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