BioWare Confirms That It Is Still ‘100% Committed’ To Anthem, Although Fans Might Not Be

BioWare is trying to calm players spooked over news that Dragon Age 4 is taking developers away from Anthem by saying they remain 100% committed.

Dragon Age 4

BioWare says they remain “100% committed” to Anthem’s success, but that might no longer be the case for Anthem’s players.

BioWare, the studio behind such gems as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have confirmed that they’re working on Dragon Age 4 once again after scrapping the original development work from way back in 2017.

We know this because Mark Darrah, the executive producer for both Anthem and the Dragon Age series, tweeted out a pretty easy-to-decipher message on Wednesday. "We aren't working on Dragon Age 3. We aren't working on Dragon Age 5,” Darrah wrote. “I guess that's that."

The news that Dragon Age 4 is once again in development comes soon after reports surfaced that Anthem is shedding players like an old winter coat. Twitch viewership has dropped to the double digits, while players are reporting that the matchmaker is no longer able to consistently provide full squads in high-level missions.

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Part of the exodus seems to be related to BioWare missing their April roadmap targets for new content in Anthem, including a massive late-game raid expansion called Cataclysm. Combined with news of key departures from Anthem’s management team to go work on Dragon Age 4 caused rumors to swirl that BioWare was abandoning Anthem in favor of a new money-maker.

That’s not the case, according to lead Anthem producer Michael Gamble. He tweeted yesterday that BioWare’s “commitment to Anthem HAS. NOT. CHANGED."

Chad Robertson, head of live service at BioWare Austin, further tweeted that new content is coming to Anthem, but that BioWare will no longer provide time frames until that content is nearing completion.

The Anthem subreddit did not take kindly to news of Dragon Age 4 being in development. The sub is now mostly a cesspool of angry gamers venting their rage at BioWare and the unfulfilled promise that Anthem came to embody.

As with Anthem’s players, we will have to wait and see when BioWare is able to deliver on their promises or if all these tweets are just empty words.

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