BioWare Responds To Anthem Criticism With Open Letter To Fans

BioWare has replied to an open letter from an Anthem player dismayed at the current state of the game.

BioWare Responds To Anthem Criticism With Open Letter To Fans

BioWare has responded to an Anthem player’s open letter to the developers filled with some pretty harsh criticisms.

It’s no secret that Anthem players are angry. While many have dismissed BioWare’s latest looter/shooter after reviews revealed it to be a bug-filled and shallow mess, some have stuck by the developer since the beginning, still believing the original promise that Anthem held.

If you check in on the Anthem forums, however, even die-hard fans are starting to turn. There are frequent posts from upset players over recently discovered bugs and even more pleading with the devs to make badly needed changes.

One such player took to Reddit to post his open letter to BioWare. User harishcs posted a long-winded treatise on the state of the game, ranging from the sudden lack of communication from BioWare following the release of the game to the current issues surrounding the game's loot drops.

Loot remains the elephant in the room for most players following a bug that caused Freelancers to be showered with goodies. After BioWare fixed that bug and effectively turned off the loot taps, players were up in arms calling for BioWare to return the game to pre-bug drop rates.

BioWare Responds To Anthem Criticism With Open Letter To Fans
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In his post, harishcs also accused BioWare of “shady business” with the most recent patch that came out last weekend. This patch mostly addressed various bugs, including a console-breaking issue for the PS4. However, there were several game changes that were also included in the patch but not included in the patch notes. This lead to accusations of BioWare being less than transparent with the game's ongoing development.

To his credit, Anthem's community manager Jesse Anderson (aka Darokax) responded to the wide-ranging post with almost as long a post of his own.


Starting with why the developers aren't quite as forthcoming on social media, Anderson made it clear that developers would rather fix the game than engage on social media with angry players--that's his job. “When some people say ‘be nice or the devs will stop posting’ it’s 100% true,” wrote Anderson, adding that BioWare is certainly listening to players’ input and feedback.

BioWare Responds To Anthem Criticism With Open Letter To Fans
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As for the loot system, that was something Anderson wasn't able to comment on other than the developers are having a fierce internal debate on how to address player complaints. We'll have to wait and see what direction BioWare decides to take loot.

Anderson admitted that the omissions on the recent patch notes might have been his fault. As patch 1.03 came out somewhat ahead of schedule, community staff were hard-pressed to gather as many of the changes as possible to include in the official patch notes, and a few were just missed. Those were added in a forum post later on.

“I know that players want to see updates faster, but these things can take time to make sure they are done right,” Anderson concluded “We’re very appreciative of this community and look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Strong Alone, Stronger Together."


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