BioWare Teases Dragon Age News To Come Before End Of The Year

Casey Hudson teased Dragon Age news within the month in a recent blog post, causing many to speculate that we might hear something at The Game Awards.

With all of the attention it puts into futuristic space shooters lately, it's easy to think that BioWare has forgotten about Dragon Age, its beloved fantasy RPG. Anthem, which still looks a lot like BioWare-flavored Destiny to me, is the next game on the developer's slate. The future of Mass Effect also got a small tease during N7 day. So where does that leave Dragon Age? With a potential announcement this month, apparently.

BioWare's general manager Casey Hudson wrote a brief bit about Dragon Age in a recent blog post, Variety reports. He assured fans that the series is "incredibly important" to the studio and that they are hard at work on "some secret Dragon Age stuff."

As to when we might see what that secret stuff is, he left off with "Look for more on this in the coming month (though I won't tell you where to look…)."

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Those who are in the know are well aware that one major gaming event is happening this month: The Game Awards. That would be the perfect occasion to reveal something as big as a new Dragon Age game, Destructoid speculates, and in fact there are already some big rumored announcements planned. Metroid Prime Switch trilogy, anyone?

But back to BioWare's space adventure, Anthem, which is coming on February 22nd. With the release mere weeks away, the studio's true focus has to be there. Indeed, the bulk of Hudson's blog post acts as an Anthem status update of sorts. Hudson wrote that development is mostly in a state of testing and bug fixing. With the basic game pretty much done, he said that developers can move on to a unique part of the development cycle: the Play From Home build.

“It’s a tradition at BioWare. Late in a project, when the game is good enough and finished enough to really enjoy it as a complete experience, we enable it to be played at home by our developers. It’s an incredibly important step, because it allows us to get out of the mindset of being at the office, and just be at home experiencing the game like a player instead of a developer.”

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That's nice and all, but when do I get to see Morrigan again?

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