BioWare Asks Itself 'What The Next Great Mass Effect Game Will Be' On N7 Day

On N7 day, BioWare is asking fans just “what the next great Mass Effect game will be.”

N7 (or November 7th) is the unofficial Mass Effect holiday. Named after the game’s designation for the highest special forces rank possible in Earth’s interstellar military, it’s a day when Mass Effect fans pay homage to a great franchise and a day when BioWare provides those fans with a seed of hope for the future.

And tons of merch. Don’t forget the merch.

Like any low-budget corporate video, it starts out with some people wearing N7-branded hoodies and watching some cut-scenes from throughout the Mass Effect universe. We’ll skip the inspirational exposition, but mention there’s apparently a lot more Mass Effect merch than anyone has ever realized.

N7 hoodies are just the start. There’s N7 coffee cups, hats, sneakers, bumper stickers, a little plush Mordin Solus (the undisputed best character of the series) and even a remote control ND1 Nomad.

Besides the merch, there were two big takeaways from the video. First was delivered by Mike Gamble, Lead Producer for the Mass Effect series, who announced a brand new surprise patch for the Xbox One X version of Andromeda. The patch would provide better lighting and resolution to go along with the One X’s beefier hardware.

The second came from Casey Hudson, BioWare GM, who offered a cryptic statement about what N7 day truly means:

"It means coming into the studio every day dreaming of what the next great Mass Effect game will be."

This is about as good a confirmation as any that BioWare isn’t going to let the Mass Effect universe die. Some feared that Andromeda’s horrible reception and even worse financial returns would spell the end of Mass Effect, but apparently that’s not the case. BioWare has something planned for the future of Mass Effect, we just don’t know what.

Hopefully not a mobile game.

However, we shouldn’t expect anything soon. BioWare is all-hands-on-deck for Anthem, which releases next February. The blockbuster MMO slash shooter is seen by many to be a make or break deal for BioWare, so if Anthem does poorly we might not see a new Mass Effect game.


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