Biped Combines Snipperclips With Cute Robots

Local co-op is coming back, thankfully, and Biped is the latest game to take full advantage. Developer NEXT Studios calls it a "ragdoll style couch co-op game" and the description totally fits. Two players take on the role of Aku or Sila, a delightful pair of robots. The two make their way through a diverse ecosystem that seems reminiscent of the glory days of Nintendo 64. They have to work together to solve puzzles, and that's where the ragdoll part comes in. Just like in Snipperclips, attempts at teamwork sometime turn into hilarious blunders.

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The few videos and photos available seem to promise a good time. There's a variety of stages, such as an ice level and a desert canyon, that pose different physics challenges to players. Aside from just getting around, it looks like the two bots will have to figure out how to attach to one another to do things like swing from cliffs, pilot rafts, and pull this little peg thing.

via: NEXT Studios

Of course, gameplay can only do so much to sell a game. Like it or not, people tend to be sold on first impressions. It's good, then, that the robot mascots are so adorable. They will definitely help this game appeal to children and casual gamers. We can see it becoming a game that shows up on "Games To Play As A Couple" lists.

As of now, Biped doesn't have a set release date. It's website only says "Coming Soon" with a press release stating that it will come "later this year." NEXT Studios should probably get on that, as there's not much left of this year.

The game saw a lot of play time at Chinajoy 2019 alongside a lot of other upcoming PlayStation titles. Gamers in the U.S. will get a chance to demo it for themselves during PAX West at the end of the month. It's one of several titles that NEXT Studios is bringing to the event, although it will probably be the most delightful by far. Even if the Nintendo Switch is helping to bring back the idea of local multiplayer, this sort of pleasant two-person co-op game is sadly rare.

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