Bischu Returns To The Los Angeles Gladiators After Guangzhou Release

Bischu returns to the Los Angeles Gladiators after being released by the Guangzhou Charge. He played for the Gladiators in 2018 and part of 2019.

The Los Angeles Gladiators have had a busy off-season, releasing strong talent while also acquiring key players. They are having a solid off-season and after being released by the Charge recently, the Gladiators welcome back off-tank player Hyung-seok "Bischu" Kim, a fan favorite and former team leader.

Bischu started his Overwatch League career with the Los Angeles Gladiators during the inaugural season of the league in 2018. His infectious personality and constant smile led to him being a fan favorite around the league. Bischu was a strong D.Va player and helped lead the Gladiators to an overall fifth place standing during the 2018 season. He helped enable Chan-hyung "Fissure" Baek's aggressive main-tank play style to succeed.

Despite all of his success during the 2018 season, Bischu was relegated to being a "two-way" player for the Gladiators in 2019. A two-way player is able to play both with an Overwatch League team as well as their academy organization. Bischu essentially became a player for the Gladiators and the Gladiators Legion in 2019. Unfortunately, Bischu received little play time from either team and before long found himself traded away to the Guangzhou Charge.

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Fans rejoiced as Bischu would possibly have the chance to play on stage again. After the trade, though, he only played one map - coming in after the Charge had secured a victory. Bischu didn't play again for the rest of the season and his future with the league was unclear after recently being dropped from Guangzhou. After an entire season riding the bench, it seemed as if his Overwatch League career was coming to an end. Fortunately, Bischu will get another chance with the Gladiators.

It isn't likely that Bischu will see much playing time with the Gladiators in 2020, though. The team made waves this off season after bolstering up their tank line with the acquisition of off-tank Indy "SPACE" Halpern from the Los Angeles Valiant. SPACE is one of the best main-tanks in the league and should see the vast majority of play time in 2020. Despite that, it feels good that fans will have the chance to see Bischu sporting the purple and white of the Gladiators once again. He has been a fan favorite since the beginning and he will continue to stick around for a little while longer.

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