Black Desert Mobile Gets A Global Release This Year, Pre-Registration Open

The popular MMO Black Desert Online has a mobile version, and it's finally making its way west. Black Desert Mobile has been a thing in Japan and Korea for quite some time, but developer Pearl Abyss never planned to stop there. It made it clear back during this year's E3 that a late 2019 US launch of Black Desert Mobile was in the cards. That announcement was reiterated by the game's Facebook page, and pre-registration is now open on the Play Store.

Black Desert Online has been a successful PC MMO for some time. Fans praise its gorgeous graphics and more sandboxy approach to questing. It gained new life in 2018 when Pearl Abyss decided to remaster it. This remaster has been on Xbox Game Pass for some time, and was just recently released on PlayStation 4. Its mobile version still looks good, but does take away some of the freedom Black Desert is known for. There is still a lot to do, however. Just check out the trailer.

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It's worth noting that Pearl Abyss does have plans for an iOS version of Black Desert Mobile. They also appear to be releasing around the same time, at least that how it reads on the official registration website. The Android version seems like the bigger priority, however, when you look at Pearl Abyss' Facebook posts. Special rewards are hinted at for those who pre-register on the Play Store, while no Apple App Store rewards are mentioned.

Pearl Abyss' vagueness is regular, if comments on the Facebook posts are any indication. The higher-rated comments are those that point out Black Desert Mobile has been "coming in 2019" all year. Even now, with pre-registration in effect, there's no specific release date. In fact, the gameplay trailer posted above is the same one that was shown at E3. So it seems Pearl Abyss has to work on its communication skills, or just say that the game is coming in 2020 already.

When it does launch, Black Desert Mobile should provide a good time. The developers are aware that phones are not hardcore gamers' preferred method of play, and are striving to make this a high-quality port that will live up to the main game. Hopefully all this time they've taken to actually release the game will make that happen.

Source: Android Police

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