Remember Berserk? Black Desert Online Does

A Berserk crossover event has recently begun in the MMORPG Black Desert Online.

If you've forgotten all about the Berserk anime and manga, don't worry, developer Pearl Abyss has remembered for you. A Berserk crossover event has recently begun in their MMORPG Black Desert Online.

The collaboration lasts until Dec. 6, and it will expose players to the dark world of the anime and manga via various new quests, items, and bosses. Since the event began, players have been able to start a questline of Berserk-themed objectives out in the world. These objectives conclude with a battle against the infamous demon, Nosferatu Zodd. He can be found near the Hexe Marie Sanctuary, which is a graveyard filled with undead creatures. If your memory is still a bit hazy when thinking back on the series, this is Zodd below:

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The new questline comes with exclusive rewards such as Beherit Academy Stones and Advice of Valks (+60). These rewards can be obtained by completing the tasks given before the end of the collaboration.

It wouldn't be a true Berserk crossover without mention of the series' main character, Guts the Black Swordsman. Pearl Abyss has that covered too. In addition to the new quests and Zodd encounter, players will also be able to don the armor of certain characters. Guts' Berserker Armor will be available for purchase in the Pearl Shop for male classes, while female classes can sport the armor of the series' main antagonist, Griffith. The player's fairy isn't left out either, as they'll be able to wear a skin inspired by Puck, Guts' faithful companion.

With the manga seemingly on hiatus forever and the anime remaining unfinished, fans will need to get their Berserk fix in any way they can. This event is perfect for those who just can't seem to find a satisfying amount of new Berserk content anywhere. After only being available for PC and Xbox, Black Desert has finally come to PS4 as well, so many new players will be able to experience this event.

If you aren't yet playing Black Desert Online, you can start a week-long free trial that will give you access to this limited time Berserk collaboration.

Source: GamesPress and Evolve PR

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