Shots Fired By Black Friday Video Game Thieves At Target

A group of teens who were confronted while shoplifting on Black Friday fired off several shots while they made their escape.

Black Friday is considered a chaotic day by many for crowded stories, impassioned consumers, and violence that is capable of ensuing. The latest case of this occurred at a Target on Black Friday where five people had apparently stolen video games and had fired shots in the process.

The alleged incident occurred in the Target at the Hub shopping center in Fremont, California. According to Game Rant, the five suspects were all teenagers, ages 17 to 19. The shooting occurred after the five suspects had been approached by multiple security guards for trying to steal some video games. After the getaway car arrived, one of the suspects fired multiple times into the air, which allowed the group to leave with the games.

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Police were eventually able to find and arrest the five suspects. They had also found the bullet casings that landed during the shooting, as well as the video games the suspects had robbed and the gun involved in the shooting.

Someone had posted a tweet after the incident, saying that all of the shoppers remained uninjured after leaving through the back of the Target.

Black Friday is well known to be a contentious day for shopping because of the crowds and manufactured FOMO created by steep discounts. Conflict and violence have been known to occur among shoppers desperate for a bargain, but in this case, the the violence had really nothing to do with shoppers trying to get a good deal.

A few questions do remain, including what the games initially stolen were, as well as whether these games had been part of the Black Friday sale or not, though they may be back in Target's hands now, anyhow.

Overall, it is a relief that nobody was injured from the shooting. While the experience was surely unnerving for everyone involved, nobody got hurt, and that is mainly what matters. These types of incidents may collectively inspire places like Target and Walmart to start installing better security systems in their stores. While measures like glass cases are taken to ensure the newest games don't get shoplifted, there could be other measures used in the future to establish that these types of incidents are, at the very least, few and far between.

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