Black Ops 4 DLC Must Be Bought As Season Pass, Won't Be Sold Individually

Black Ops 4 is going to to have a season pass for DLC, and it turns out that's the only way players will be able to buy the DLC.

It seemed like a good year for DLC. Fan response to Star Wars Battlefront made EA provide free content updates to Star Wars Battlefront II, as well as get rid of overwhelming micro-transactions. The upcoming Battlefield 5 will also offer free post-launch maps. All of this seemed to indicate that companies were listening to gamers. They finally realized we're tired of overpriced, predatory content. Which is why Activision's new policy on Black Ops 4's DLC is downright foolish.

The Black Ops Pass will be the only way to get DLC for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. Meaning, there's no way to buy a single piece of DLC on its own, as Polygon reports. Players have to buy the whole package or get nothing at all. That's a hard pill to swallow, especially considering that some of the DLC is still a mystery. Granted, there is a list, but even that is still on the vague side.

  • 4 Additional All-New Zombies Experiences
  • 12 Multiplayer Maps
  • 4 Exclusive Blackout Characters
  • A "Bonus" Zombies Experience

Vague DLC offered via a pass is not uncommon in the Call Of Duty series, or even shooter games in general. The concept makes sense because it lets players who know they'll want everything get it cheaper for committing early. But this is the first time Activision is making Call Of Duty players go all or nothing.

via Polygon

Activision seems to believe that the restriction is worth it because Black Ops 4 will provide more DLC than before, and more consistently. "We’re redefining the digital content season for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 by delivering more content with more frequency,” says the official FAQ.

In the end, it seems like Activision's plan is to cater to the Call Of Duty faithful. All three of Black Ops 4's special editions will contain the Black Ops Pass. It's a sensible move. Of course people who buy the special edition of a game will probably want all the DLC. But it's also a risky move, one that alienates people who aren't dedicated to playing Black Ops 4 for the next year. Call Of Duty might not be hurting for fans, but Activision would do well to at least try and entice new players to become regular players.

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