Black Ops 4: Every Primary Weapon In Blackout, Ranked

Blackout mode is the unique take by Treyarch on the battle royale trend in gaming. Up to 88 players go head to head to be the last survivor as the circle closes with zombies haunting parts of the map. Since the game’s beta release there have been some primary weapons that commonly see themselves in the hands of the winners and some that are found in the cold dead grasp of the unfortunate souls who died early on.

While it’s true that in the right hands any weapon can be deadly, there are some weapons that make the goal of surviving Blackout much easier and some that make it much more challenging.

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24 ESSEX Model 07

Tactical rifles are often perceived as substitutes for better weapons, but this is not true for the ESSEX Model 07. The rate of fire is slow and it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but it’s worst sin has to be that it cannot equip any attachments. It’s better than fists, but you’ll have an uphill battle if this is your only weapon.


Admittedly good damage and a better fire rate then some of the best sniper rifles, but it’s cumbersome. By the time you’re peering down the scope the enemy will be long gone or firing at you with their own sniper.


Most players know to avoid close-quarters combat as their odds of survival are better at mid-range.

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As a result, limited range combat weapons like the SAUG-9MM are all but useless. That being said it’s better than a shotgun.

21 VKM 750

This weapon has good damage being a 50 .cal, but you’ll have a hard time taking advantage of it thanks to an awful rate of fire and ridiculous recoil. It’s good for pop shots but you better switch to a better weapon if you want to take the enemy down.

20 SDM

The SDM feels more like a tactical rifle than a sniper rifle. It’s semi-automatic nature and decent damage make it useful for pinning enemies down but its rough handling hinders its ability to actually kill anyone smart enough to stay behind cover.

19 MX9

This weapon is very useful in the beginning of the game as players are still scrambling for supplies. But as players start putting on armor you’ll find this weapon does little more than irritate them and you’ll be wanting something with better damage.

18 MP40

An SMG obtained from zombies, this gun has good potential but comes up short because it doesn’t support any attachments. Has some use in short-range battle, but you’ll honestly want something better fast.

17 Swordfish

Basically a weaker version of the ABR 223 this takes a lot of shots to kill the enemy and doesn’t have a good enough fire rate to do it. It only uses is for softening enemy units at mid-range before they get close, but there are much better weapons out there.

16 Grav (Galil)

Another weapon obtained by killing zombies, this assault rifle actually has pretty good stats all around. It’s one main drawback, and it’s a big one, is that it doesn’t support any attachments. Not a bad weapon to have in the beginning, but very quickly outclassed.

15 Cordite

This thing is a beast in close quarters with its decent damage, good rate of fire, and its magazine that can hold a whopping 60 rounds. Just be ready to use that large magazine when enemies start putting on armor.

14 ABR 223

This weapon does well in mid-range fights and your enemy will be limping behind cover if you hit them with a few bursts.

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Don’t think about using this in close quarters combat as the low fire rate will get you killed.

13 Spitfire

Considered the best close-quarters weapon in Blackout and absolutely lethal in the beginning of the round. Your main goal is to make every bullet count, but if you miss its high rate of fire should keep you covered.

12 Zweihander

The last gun unlocked by killing zombies, it doesn’t do a lot of damage, but many fans swear by it thanks to the abundant 7.62 ammo lying around. It’s a mid-level weapon that looks cool and will keep you alive but should be replaced.

11 GKS

The best SMG in the game, the GKS has an excellent rate of fire, low recoil, and packs a punch. Like any SMG it’s not a long term weapon when enemies have better armor in the endgame, but this will make sure you stay alive that long.


As an assault rifle, it’s automatically better than most weapons, but it doesn’t really feel like an assault rifle. It struggles in mid-range but is a surprisingly good weapon for close quarter combat which is why it ranks higher than it should.


Second best rate of fire in the LMGs with decent damage and a fair amount of accuracy, this is your ideal suppression weapon. It’ll shred anyone foolish enough to break cover while you’re firing on their hiding spot.

8 ICR-7

This assault rifle has some stunning accuracy but lacks a little in damage. So this weapon has been dubbed a headshot weapon by fans and it definitely lives up to the label.

7 Titan

The best LMG in the game it has great damage, good fire rate, and a stunning 75 round magazine. It fills the air with bullets in short to mid-range.

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It’s one weakness is long-range as there is significant bullet drop, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better weapon when assaulting vehicles.

6 Auger DMR

This is the best tactical rifle in Blackout mode and functions as a lite sniper. With semi-automatic fire and great damage, only the best sniper rifles will outshine it in long-range combat.

5 Rampart 17

Another sniper-like gun, this assault rifle can be tricky to use but does high damage at mid to long-range. If used as a sniper, its low rate of fire is no big deal, but don’t go into mid-range expecting a standard assault rifle.

4 Paladin HB50

The ultimate one-shot sniper rifle, even heavily armored foes are going to feel the punch of its 50 .cal bullets that stay flying for long distances.

3 Koshka

As good as the Paladin HB50 is, the Koshka is better due to how quickly you can get the weapon from your hip to having an enemy in your sights through the scope. This is a must-have in multiplayer and allows it to function in mid-range fights when you’re caught by surprise.

2 Maddox RFB

This weapon is downright beastly in mid-range firefights thanks to its strong damage and easy handling. The only reason it doesn’t take the number one spot is that it drops off in long-range fights.

1 KN-57

The best weapon in Blackout mode is the KN-57 assault rifle. It has solid stats all around and while it shines in mid-range combat it can hold its own at long range and even in close quarters. There are weapons that do better in specific situations, but this will make you dangerous in any situation which makes it invaluable in multiplayer battle-royale.

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