Black Ops 4's Latest DLC Directly Supports Military Veterans: Here's How To Get It

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 released a new DLC pack and theme this week, and 100% of the proceeds made from them go to helping real-life military veterans.

Most of us use video games as a means of escape, even if we don't realize we are doing so. Movies and TV shows can do that to an extent, but not to the same level that an in-depth video game can. We can become so invested in the fantasy worlds created for us by developers that we play them for hours and hours.

What we can often forget during those hours is that many of the games we love are rooted in truth. Call Of Duty, for instance; it might be fun to assume the role of a military man or woman and go to war, but remember that for centuries, and still to this day, many people do that for real.

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CoD's developer Activision is reminding players of that and giving back to the veterans that its games are based via some of its new DLC. As reported by Activision's own blog, a pack and theme made available to players of Black Ops 4 earlier this week were created with military veterans in mind. What's more, 100% of the proceeds from both will go to Call of Duty Endowment, a charity that helps ex-servicemen and women transition back into civilian life.

via Activision

The C.O.D.E Jump Pack is now available to all players in the US and UK. It includes a special wingsuit, parachute, and trail. The "Night Raid" Dynamic Theme is particularly special, though. Separate from the pack, the theme was designed by Marine Corps veteran, writer, artist, and photographer, Max Uriarte.

You can purchase the Night Raid Dynamic Theme right now for $2.99 in the US and £2.50 in the UK. However, when purchasing, you do have the option to pay more. Again, all of the proceeds will go directly to helping veterans transition back into civilian life. Aesthetic DLC in games is purchased with the intention to stand out. What better way to do that than by showing your support for military veterans in a game based on their real-life exploits?

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