Blaster Master Zero 2 Makes Its Way To PC This Month

Inti Creates will be bringing Blaster Master Zero 2 to PC this month.

Developer Inti Creates has announced that Blaster Master Zero 2 will be heading to PC soon. Coming on November 29, this sequel surprise-released on Switch during a Nintendo Direct stream in March. The sequel to the 2017 reboot, it was a solid improvement on the first that packed in a lot of fun new ideas and levels. When it releases, it will join the original on Steam to complete the series.

Along with heading to a new platform, Blaster Master Zero 2 will also be receiving a DLC character on both Switch and PC. Going for $1.99 (and releasing on the same day as this PC port), Copen from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX will bring his unique weapons into the fray to change up how Zero 2 plays. Players will have a chance to grab him for free between November 29 and December 12.

As for how Copen plays, he works similarly to the DLC characters the first Zero featured. Hailing from numerous other indie games, these characters -which included ShantaeGunvoltShovel Knight, and Ekoro- had unique move sets and abilities that allowed for different progression through the main campaign. As seen in the trailer below, Copen can wall jump. That's bound to make early progression much simpler.

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If you've yet to play Blaster Master Zero, you really should give it a try. The original didn't entirely capitalize on the potential it had, but it was a glorious throwback to the NES days that modernized things just enough to be interesting. The sequel then came and improved on basically every deficiency of the original, creating a truly great game.

Supported with a ton of free DLC, it was hard to put the game down during its first few months. New characters and a bonus multiplayer mode enticed players back and its eventual release on PC opened the game up to a whole new audience. It really is a love letter to the classic days many of us grew up with, complete with era-appropriate music.

It's unlikely that Blaster Master Zero will make the jump to other platforms, but the game only goes for $9.99 on both Switch and Steam. It's a steal for that price and something everyone should give a shot.

Source: Gematsu

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