Bleeding Edge Release Date Leaked By Microsoft Store

Ninja Theory has an interesting brawler on the way in the form of Bleeding Edge, and the Microsoft Store just leaked the release date.

Ninja Theory has an interesting-looking 4v4 brawler on its way in the form of Bleeding Edge, and the Microsoft Store accidentally let us all know when it's coming out. According to the game's page on the Microsoft store, which has since been removed, the game will be released on March 24, 2020.

For those out of the loop, Bleeding Edge is a melee-focused multiplayer beat-em-up that was announced at E3 this year.

Bleeding Edge lets players choose from twelve different characters, each with their own abilities and super moves. What makes it stand out from the likes of Overwatch is the fact that the main focus is getting up close and personal with short-range weapons or your bare fists.

Yes, there are a few characters who have guns (and one guy who has a snake of all things), but the majority of the playable characters look like they have no desire to stand at a distance as they pound you into a pulp.


We already know that the eight-player team-based brawler will be available for free for anyone who is an Xbox Game Pass member, but the accidental leak shows that there will be even more benefits to subscribers. It seems that everyone subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass will be able to participate in the closed beta for the game.

The first closed beta will start on February 14, 2020, while the second will be available on March 13.

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A multiplayer brawler is kind of a new undertaking for Ninja Theory, who are mostly known for single-player action titles like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DMC: Devil May Cry. It's not like they never go out of their comfort zone — they worked on a few of the Disney Infinity games after all — but Disney Infinity 3.0 was the only game they've ever developed that had online multiplayer.

However, the company is known for dishing up some satisfying action. If they can find a way to make that work in a 4v4 brawler, then Bleeding Edge will be worth picking up next March.

Source: VG247

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