Blizzard Hates Money; Says There Are 'No Plans' To Port Hearthstone To Switch

It seems that another one of Blizzard's biggest games won't be appearing on the Nintendo Switch. It has been revealed that Hearthstone won't be coming to the Switch anytime soon.

Dean Ayala is a game designer at Blizzard who primarily works on Hearthstone. He recently revealed during an interview with PowerUp-Gaming that Hearthstone is not in development for the Nintendo Switch, with no plans in motion for the game to be released in the future. This is defiance of persistent rumors from the end of 2017 which said that Hearthstone was in development for the Switch.

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Blizzard used to develop a lot of games for Nintendo during the 16-bit era. This relationship faded away as Blizzard became more PC focused and became a platform unto themselves. Blizzard hasn't been afraid of creating ports of their biggest games to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the Nintendo systems always seem to be ignored.

The Nintendo Switch has yet to see any kind of port of Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, or World of Warcraft. It's understandable why World of Warcraft isn't on the Switch (or any other home console) due to the difficulties of playing an MMO without the correct control setup. The other games should all work on the Switch, considering they are designed to be playable on even low-end PCs.

There have been statements made by Blizzard in the past about why Overwatch isn't on the system, which has to do with the difficulties of creating new updates for another set of hardware. Blizzard already has to dedicate a lot of manpower to ensure that the regular Overwatch updates will work on the various systems that it is already playable on, so it is likely that a similar situation exists for Hearthstone. 

There is also the issue of the Nintendo Switch's lack of internal memory. The big Blizzard games tend to take up a lot of memory and are receiving regular updates which increases this number. Nintendo has been working hard to ensure that all games on the system are as compact as possible, which may be creating another hurdle.

The huge success of the Nintendo Switch in its first year has drawn a lot of third-party and indie support to the system. Can Blizzard really afford to keep ignoring the piles of cash that a Switch port of some of their biggest games will bring in?

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