Hearthstone Has Reached 100 Million Players After Four Years

Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone has hit yet another milestone, just before its latest expansion hits.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone has hit yet another milestone.

On Monday, the studio announced that the popular digital trading card game has reached 100 million players. The impressive achievement comes four years after the game’s launch.

“Reaching 100 million players is a huge milestone for Hearthstone, but what matters to us even more is the fact that so many people around the world have embraced the spirit of the game,” Blizzard Entertainment President, J. Allen Brack, stated. “Whether at events like BlizzCon and Fireside Gatherings, or just in tuning in to watch their favorite streamers, it’s been so inspiring to see millions of players and fans coming together, online and in real life, to participate in the Hearthstone community.”

In celebration of the milestone, Blizzard is giving away six, free “The Boomsday Project” card packs to any players who log in between now through November 11th. In addition, players will receive a new quest entitled, “Celebrate the Players,” which rewards players with 100 gold after playing in a friendly challenge. The quest is available to play up to five times (even within the same day), which will reward players with 500 gold when the quest is fully completed.

Players qualifying for the celebratory quest will need to have completed the introductory quests of “First Blood” and “The Duelist” – or “Ready for Action” for returning players. As with any other matches, keep in mind that conceding too early may result in not receiving credit for finishing the quest. Additionally, unlike “Play a Friend!”, Celebrate the Players rewards only those players who have completed the quest in their own quest log.

Reaching 100 million players is an incredible feat, but certainly one that makes sense given Hearthstone’s ongoing success and community since the title launched in 2014. Hearthstone continues to be one of Twitch’s top-watched games. The team at Blizzard continually pushes out new content and updates. The game’s success can also be attributed to Blizzard’s involvement with the Hearthstone community. A devoted commitment to soliciting and acting upon player feedback is huge within the gaming industry. Clearly, the Hearthstone team is doing something right.

“Well Played,” Hearthstone. Well played.

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