Blizzard Has No Major Games Coming Out In 2019

It’s already been a turbulent year for Blizzard and we’re only in February. The latest news  to come from the company is that 2019 will bring with it “no frontline release."

This was announced during the quarterly earnings call, and is bad news for Blizzard fans, especially anyone hoping for Diablo 4 this year.

However we do know that there are currently several Blizzard projects in development.

These include a remastering of Warcraft 3, which is set to come out sometime in 2019. Since a remastered game is far from a major frontline release, it appears that Blizzard has some games coming out this year, just not the ones we hoped for.

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Unfortunately, the main focus of the studio right now appears to be mobile, specifically Diablo: Immortal, a mobile game set in the Diablo universe, which absolutely nobody asked for or wanted. The big announcement of Immortal was made back in November at Blizzcon, and honestly I doubt it could have gone worse.

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Since then players have continually voiced their disdain for mobile games, but Blizzard appears to be persisting, apparently developing mobile versions of all their IPs.

Apart from the Warcraft 3 remaster, we have no other concrete news about any non-mobile based upcoming projects. We do know however that the company has been struggling.

Since Blizzcon, it seems that nothing has gone right for Blizzard.

It began with a stock drop, related to the backlash from the Diablo: Immortal announcement.

This was followed in December by the highly controversial mass pulling of resources from popular MOBA Heroes of The Storm, and the cancellation of all 2019 eSports events related to the game. This move, understandably, upset many long-time Blizzard fans and a huge host of eSports players, who felt they were kept in the dark until the last minute.

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So far 2019 has, if anything, been even worse. There’s the departure from Destiny developers Bungie, which has brought with it some legal issues. On top of this some key people in the company have moved on, including Blizzard Co-Founder and CEO Mike Mohaine, who leaves in April, as well as Blizzard CFO Amrita Ahuja and Activision CFO Spencer Neumann, both of whom are already working elsewhere. Finally, there’s the recent lay-offs, with around 800 people being made redundant earlier this week.

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What the rest of the year will bring for Activision Blizzard remains to be seen, but it seems likely to be a very bumpy ride.

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