Blizzard Is DEFINITELY Teasing Diablo On Switch, Right?

Blizzard Entertainment has uploaded a video to their official Twitter account which may be hinting at a new version of Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch.

The video that they uploaded is six seconds long and shows an LED plug of Diablo's head that is inserted into a socket. The light is switched on and off several times throughout the video, which has led people to speculate that Diablo III is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This might seem like a tenuous link, but what else could it mean, except that maybe Blizzard is screwing with their fans for some unexplained reason?

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Blizzard is currently focused on PC games, with the console ports usually having less of a priority in their eyes. This is even truer of their relationship with Nintendo, as the last game they released for a Nintendo system was Starcraft 64 in the year 2000. Blizzard used to be close with Nintendo, as many of their early games saw a release on the Super Nintendo. This relationship seems to have deteriorated over time, which may have something to do with the fact that Blizzard practically became a platform unto themselves and no longer needed the help of publishers.

Blizzard has so far been reticent to throw in with Nintendo's latest console, regardless of its current success. They had already shot down the idea of a Switch port of Overwatch, as it was already taking up too many of their resources to create updates for the numerous systems that the game is already appearing on. We also haven't heard any news of any Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone ports to the system, even though they should easily be able to run on the Switch.

A port of Diablo III might be Blizzard's attempt at gauging whether they should support the system or not. Diablo III is a six-year-old game which ran on the PlayStation 3, so the Switch should easily be able to handle the game. Diablo III has been massively popular for Blizzard, so a Nintendo Switch version of the game should be an easy proving ground for whether they should continue to support the system with other games.

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