BlizzCon 2019: Another BlizzCon Without StarCraft

BlizzCon 2019's opening ceremonies have come and gone and there's no mention of a new StarCraft.

There was a day when StarCraft was the hottest franchise out there. But, the mighty have fallen, and BlizzCon 2019 marks the second year in a row that StarCraft hasn't even been mentioned by Blizzard. Even in 2017, the only mention for the series was that StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was going free-to-play -- an announcement that had the potential to spur renewed interest in the franchise... but it didn't.

Sadly for us fans of real-time strategy, Blizzard has other priorities. Overwatch and Hearthstone are their big franchises now, and anyone longing for the olden days of Blizzard will have to be satisfied with a new Diablo game or a new World of Warcraft expansion.

There was, at one point, rumblings of StarCraft-Themed first-person shooter, but that project got canceled before it was even officially announced. The only conclusion that we can come to is something that, deep down in our hearts, I think we already knew: StarCraft won't be coming back any time soon. We might as well be waiting for a Lost Vikings sequel

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Thankfully, unlike some other abandoned franchises, Blizzard managed to bring the plot of StarCraft to a satisfying conclusion at the end of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. The galaxy is at peace, Kerrigan is no longer a vengeful Zerg queen, and everything is about as sunshine-and-roses as is possible in that setting.


Really, the tragedy that comes from StarCraft's disappearance isn't that there's anything left undone from Blizzard's vision. The tragedy is what its absence represents for people who have been PC Gamers for decades: real-time strategy games, once one of the most popular genres on PC, are kinda dead. They've been replaced by MOBAs, and Auto Chess, and Clash of Clans clones.

Time moves on and those of us with an undying love for popular franchises and genres will one day find ourselves loving games that once were popular. Only time will tell what the future brings, and chances are it'll give all of us the opportunity to shake our fists at the kids on our lawn and rant about how things were better back in our day.

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