BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Items Revealed With Exclusive Overwatch Skins

The exclusive items that come with a virtual ticket to BlizzCon 2019 have been revealed, including WoW crossover Overwatch skins and more.

Details have finally emerged about the 2019 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. Blizzard fans who cannot be front and center at the actual event will have the option to purchase their virtual ticket, which grants access to a live stream of all of the events, along with competitive matches of certain Blizzard games, developers’ panels, interviews, community night and closing festivities, and more.

In addition, there are several digital items included in the virtual pass for all of Blizzard’s games which are exclusive to the pass and often cannot be obtained through other means. This year we are seeing some great items, particularly in Overwatch, which may drive some players to purchase the Virtual Ticket even if they have no interest in watching the convention.

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Via: us.shop.battle.net

The Overwatch skins have been made to mark the 25th anniversary of Azeroth with a fantastic World of Warcraft crossover. Genji players will receive a great looking Illidan Stormrage skin, while Symmetra will receive an equally impressive Tyrande Whisperwind. There is no word yet regarding the voice lines for these skins, as it would be great to hear iconic quotes from each individual, such as “You are not prepared!” if Genji eliminates an opponent with his ultimate attack.

Via: us.shop.battle.net

Hearthstone players know exactly what to expect, as Blizzard has been following a familiar pattern for a while now. An unannounced Golden Legendary Card is listed as a part of the Virtual Ticket. Unless Blizzard drastically moves from their old ways, we will see a new card of Legendary rarity announced during BlizzCon, and all players will receive a copy in the game for free, while Virtual Ticket holders will receive a golden version.

Via: us.shop.battle.net

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World of Warcraft players can expect a few in-game items. First there is Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit that looks more ridiculous than it sounds. Keeping with the conflict between horde and Alliance, players will receive Gillvanas and Finduin. Perhaps Murlocs see the silliness of the constant conflict and cosplay their favorite characters? It would be highly meta of them.

Via: us.shop.battle.net

Starcraft II players will gain access to a group of Brood War-themed unit skins with a Classic Battlecruiser, Classic Ultralisk, and Classic Carrier. Three portraits will also be available following a classic look at each of the three races.

Via: us.shop.battle.net

Despite having its development team and competitive scene gutted, Blizzard has decided to release a few items for Heroes of the Storm, including a BlizzCon spray and portrait, and a Celestial Deepcrawler mount.

Via: us.shop.battle.net

Blizzard also says that other bonuses are in the works but not yet ready to announce, including a pair of wings for Diablo III players.

Players can visit the Blizzard shop here to pick up their Virtual Ticket or go through their Battle.net launchers.

Source: Battle.net

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