Blood Bowl 3 Slated For A 2020 Release

Blood Bowl 3 is coming sometime in 2020.

Do you like American football but find the game to be just a little too tame for you? Do you wish that football had fatalities like in Mortal Kombat? Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got the game for you.

It’s called Blood Bowl, and it’s an adaptation of the Games Workshop board game featuring Warhammer figures set in a battle to the death. If you wish that football players were bigger, hairier, and way more violent than they currently are, then this is a game appealing directly to the lizard part of your brain.

While Blood Bowl the board game is currently in its 5th edition (called the 2016 Edition), the video game series adaptation is in its second edition. Developed by France-based Cyanide Studios, the first Blood Bowl video game came out in 2009 and was a faithful recreation of the board game’s rules in a digital play area. The second Blood Bowl, creatively named Blood Bowl 2, was pretty much more of the same but with prettier graphics to really showcase the blood, guts, and gore.

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Now we’re being told that a third Blood Bowl is on the way. In a now-deleted Tweet, publisher Bigben Interactive has revealed that Blood Bowl 3 is in development and is tentatively slated for release sometime in 2020.

Blood Bowl 2

We don’t have much else in terms of details. Based on a PC Gamer report, we do know that Blood Bowl 3 will release at the same time as the latest edition of the board game, so there is some expectation for rules refinement and simplification (as is the current trend on the board game industry), but other than that we expect there to be more of the same.

And that’s not a bad thing. Blood Bowl might be a bit of a niche game for violent sports and turn-based strategy enthusiasts, but it’s very good at what it does. Which is mostly pit two teams of elves, trolls, orcs, dwarves, goblins, and humans against each other to watch them beat the bloody stuffing out of them.

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