Blood Bowl: Death Zone Is Out Of Early Access And Is 50% Off To Celebrate

Blood Bowl Death Zone

Developed by Cyanide Studio and published by Bigben Interactive, Blood Bowl: Death Zone is a violent and perilous game that provides a chaotic take on NFL football. Furthermore, Blood Bowl: Death Zone is celebrating its arrival from Early Access with a 50% off sale.

Blood Bowl was originally a board game set in the world of Warhammer. That's why you'll see a large amount of orcs, dwarves, and goblins running around. It was adapted into a turn-based sports strategy game in 2009, which then got a sequel in 2015. Rumors of Blood Bowl 3 are still unconfirmed but indicate that the latest iteration of the Blood Bowl franchise will come with the next update of the tabletop game.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is a little different than previous Blood Bowl games. Rather than turn-based, Death Zone is a real-time strategy game that lets you experience the blood-curdling screams of your enemies exactly as they happen.

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In effect, this makes the game feel a lot like a modern MOBA, though it features control of four characters instead of just one. Each team has four players on the field at any given time, and each player comes with their own set of unique and basic skills.

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It can be tough giving all your players actions as soon as the game starts. However, classic RTS enthusiasts will likely get a thrill out of how demanding of your attention Death Zone can be after every blow of the whistle.

Blood Bowl: Death Zone has 14 teams that are each captained by a "Star Player". There are six leagues to unlock as well as multiplayer that includes league-based play or single one-off exhibition matches. Each match is just five minutes long, so there's no huge time investment necessary to play a game.

The game got its start on Steam Early Access way back in July of 2018, and it has since improved with new teams, skills, and a single-player campaign to build-up your skill before heading online.

In celebration of Blood Bowl: Death Zone’s exit from Early Access, the game is 50% off. This means you’ll likely pick up the game for just under $6. That’s a great deal, and if you’re both an RTS fan and a fan of the Warhammer franchise, this game will likely be right at home in your library.

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