Bloodborne II Start Screen Leaked On Twitter?

The first news of Bloodborne II may have leaked on Twitter earlier today in the form of a start screen that is typical for the Dark Souls/Bloodborne series.

If the shot turns out to be authentic, it will be the first news of Bloodborne II since series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that his next game wouldn’t be similar to the Souls/Bloodborne formula. The original Bloodborne was released in March of 2015; the series has been quiet since the first entry was met with critical acclaim from the gaming community.

The start screen appeared on a Twitter account not associated with any staff related to FromSoftware and has aroused discussion as to the authenticity of the image. The upper left corner of the screen seems to feature a disclaimer that the game is still in development, as is usually associated with playable demos. The start screen also features the standard trademark and development information typical of a Playstation game. Although most are dismissing it as a professional grade photoshop, others aren’t so sure.

The trademark information seems to be correct save for one detail: the trademark is accredited to “Sony Computer Entertainment”, but Sony has been rebranded as Sony Interactive Entertainment since April of 2016. Twitter and Reddit users alike have also sighted that the picture was taken at an angle that would make manipulating an existing title screen easier in a photo-editing program. The font does coincide with the font used in the original Bloodborne, although that does little to speak to the images credibility with the sophistication of photo editing software available.

Via: forbes.com

If Bloodborne II were in the works, Sony would be keeping a particularly tight lid on it and would foreseeably do all they could in order to crush any leaks of FromSoftware’s eagerly awaited sequel. However, with the gaming industries’ infamous habit of leaking announcements, the authenticity of the image isn’t that outlandish, especially with E3 around the corner and FromSoftware’s attendance being guaranteed. It could be likely considering that From Software has been at work on three new IPs and is giving the Souls series a rest for the foreseeable future. Considering the first installment performed so admirably, it’d be crazy for Miyazaki and company to not consider developing a sequel at some point.

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