Top 10 Things Cut From Bloodborne

Another masterpiece from FromSoftware, Bloodborne is a game riddled with a variety of enemies, chilling NPCs, and some of the darkest, deepest lore found in video games. Yet as with every game, there are certain pieces of content that have to be cut in order to ensure a timely release or to remove any conflicts in the game.

Sometimes game developers will cut pieces of content that could’ve been great additions to the game, if not outright improving it in some ways. While the developers may never reveal why they removed these particular parts of Bloodborne, here is a list of some of the most interesting pieces of content that were cut from the final game.

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10 Father Norbert

Father Norbert is an NPC that had a rough prototype created before being promptly scrapped. The model shows a dark-skinned man with a white trimmed beard wearing a beast fur cloak with a red robe underneath. The model has no name but his appearance and cut dialogue suggest he’s Father Norbert, or as players would know him in the game, the unseen human form of the Cleric Beast.

It’s unclear why he was cut as he could have given the Cleric Beast a cinematic introduction scene similar to Vicar Amelia’s or even been an enemy that transforms into a beast like Father Gascgoine. He ranks low on the list because his character model looks a little rough, but there was a lot of potential there.

9 Annalise Armor Set

The Annalise Armor Set is a closed helmet similar to the Cainhurst Helmet and a flowing gray dress, it’s the same outfit worn by Annalise, the Vileblood Queen. It has no effect on stats and is purely cosmetic.

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What’s interesting is that the attire exists in the game but is not part of any loot drops, meaning there is no in-game method of obtaining it. It’s unclear why it was cut considering female players may have liked to wear the outfit worn by the leader of the Vilebloods. Although it’s lack of combat utility may have had something to do with it.

8 Kick Attack

Buried in Bloodborne’s game files is a combat mechanic called the kick attack. In-game, players would have been able to perform a kick that would knock an enemy’s shield away exposing them to an attack. There’s even a game description that directs players to perform the attack by moving the left stick forward and pressing the R1 button.

The likely reason this was cut is because few enemies in the game have shields making its use rather limited. It also could be the developers were wanting to make Bloodborne a more aggressive game than their previous titles and taking the time to disrupt a shield block before attacking would’ve taken away from that.

7 Lesser Demon

The Lesser Demon was meant to be a minor boss in the game. It’s a large demonic creature with skeletal features that has one head, though it appears to have had a second head at some point. Wreathed in flames, with large black wings, and a large two-handed flaming axe, this would have made for an interesting boss.

There’s an alternative version also cut that forgoes the flames, gives it an even greater skeletal appearance and a scythe. It’s possible a disagreement on its appearance led to it being cut, but more likely the Lesser Demon didn’t fit in with the Bloodborne mythos.

6 Slug Princess

The Slug Princess is a character with sickly gray features, long black hair and a blindfold over her eyes. It’s unclear if the Slug Princess is meant to be an NPC or an enemy in the game, though the name suggests an NPC.

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Some believe she may have had something to do with Kos and the Snail Women, considering her name, gray appearance, and the way she lies on the ground. Speculation suggests she was intended to be a second in command or an emissary for the Great One. It’s likely she was cut for lore purposes, though there’s really no telling.

5 Double-Barreled Shotgun

Considering the game is believed to take place in the late 1800s and the double barrel shotgun was invented in 1875, it makes sense that this gun may have had a place in Yarnham. The game files have a reload and attack animation suggesting it was a finished piece of content and intended to be used in the game.

It’s possible this weapon felt like an odd fit considering the more primitive guns in the game like the blunderbuss or the creative ones like the rifle spear. But given how prevalent double-barrel shotguns are in horror video games, it would have been a welcome addition.

4 Great One Beast

The Great One Beast is a cut piece of content that would have been found in the Chalice dungeons. This optional boss is a beast similar to Vicar Amelia, but darker and much thinner. The game files for this monster are labeled under SilverBeast, suggesting that this boss might’ve had importance to the lore surrounding Loran Silverbeast and its lesser minions.

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Perhaps this boss was the source of their corruption and its name suggests it was part of the hierarchy of the Great Ones. It doesn’t rank higher as there’s very little information on the creature and no references about it in the game, but it deserves its spot for being a seriously scary enemy to look at that likely would’ve been a nightmare to fight.

3 Nameless Cainhurst Knight

A nameless knight in the game files, he’s called the Nameless Cainhurst Knights by fans because of his armor's similar appearance to Cainhurst aesthetics. He wears bronze plate armor, a closed helm with a winged beast sitting on top, a red cloak, and there's beast fur jutting from his armor. It bears many similarities to the Nameless King boss in Dark Souls 3.

He appears to have been in a rough battle, given his right pegleg, arrows piercing his armor in various spots, and a bad cut in his abdomen. This nameless foe would have made for an interesting boss especially considering there is a cut Cainhurst Beast Horse many fans consider to be his mount.

2 Cainhurst Beast Horse

As mentioned in the previous entry, the game has a creature known as the Cainhurst Beast Horse. This tall creature appears to be an undead horse with exposed muscles and ligaments and a wild mane of black hair, with dead white eyes.

Its connection to the Nameless Cainshurt Knight is due to the resemblance the knight has to the Nameless King who appeared in Dark Souls 3 mounted on a wyvern. The Cainhurst Beast Horse would have been an odd enemy without a rider and the Nameless Cainhurst Knight seems the most likely fit. Again this is all speculative, but its creepy appearance would have made the battle against the Nameless Cainhurst Knight an interesting boss battle.

1 Great Snake Ball

The Great Snake Ball is another boss that was cut but tops the list because of how perfect this creature fits into the game. The snake heads are the same ones the Shadows Of Yharnam summon in their fight and the creature’s existence would explain the source of the Forbidden Woods’ snake infestation, there’s even a rune in the Astral Tower that could be a reference to this monster.

The game files not only contain the creature’s finished model, but even has attack animations and slow poison effects. There’s no telling why this boss was cut and it seems very odd that the creature was removed considering how integral it is to the mythos and lore of the game.

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