Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Gets A Complete Rework

Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night has finally gotten a complete makeover in the form of texture and lighting thanks in large part to lead producer, Koji Igarashi.

After garnering a lot of attention and support through Kickstarter, many were skeptical that the new installment would live up to the expectations that were placed on it from the Castlevania series of games. Things only got worse as the March 2017 deadline came and went. Then, when a trailer came out for the game, many supporters of the new series were understandably upset due to the lackluster graphics and lighting. Many worried that Igarashi had lost his touch, that is until the latest trailer for the game showed he was listening to the criticism.

All too often there are instances within the gaming industry where companies seem to push out unfinished products simply because they are looking for that quick influx of cash. It's hard to go back and start all over again when you know that it's going to take even more money and time to make things right, but Koji Igarashi and 505 Games are showing that they care about what their player base thinks of their product and that they are willing to do anything necessary to make things right. In doing this, 505 Games has assured its player base that it will continue to make Bloodstained in the way that the fans of the ˆ series had always envisioned it.

While the trailer showcasing the changes posted on Forbes starts off normal enough, we are quickly greeted by top comments from users criticizing the look and feel of the game. Next, we are greeted by Koji Igarashi drinking a glass a wine in disgust before the music switches and a new look game appears. Not only is the lighting much more vibrant overall, but the textures have an insane amount of detail and shading present compared to the old trailer. Additionally, changes to character movement and the backgrounds were made, making them appear more natural and in line with the overall feel of the game. This new look has many excited for the game, with the trailer making it known that the game will finally hit store shelves on June 25th.

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Sure, you're not going to please everyone with this new graphics update, but it will show even those who don't like the new look that the company cares about their opinion. Not only will this open dialog up about a game that has been two years past due, but it will also bring new players into the game who may be hearing about it for the first time as a result. It's not often that you have a company care this much about user feedback, and if Bloodstained is wildly successful, as we're sure it will be, it will show game studios that this mode of production is the way to go in the future.

With all that said, many in the community feel that this is something that should have been addressed much sooner in the production process. While it's understandable that these changes take time, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that the creators of the game could have made gradual changes along the way using feedback from the start.

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