Bloodstained On The Switch Is Not A Good Port, And The Eshop's Screenshots Are From A PS4

Well, dang. If you were hoping to get your fangs into a great Castlevania-alike, Switch players, you’d better be wary. Bloodstained doesn’t seem to fare so well on the hybrid handheld.

However you might feel about the Switch, there are a couple of things about it that nobody can deny. Firstly, it’s done pretty darn well for itself. Buoyed along by super-successful releases like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (officially the best-selling fighting game in the history of fighting games), the plucky little system has gone from strength to strength, as though the woeful legacy of the Wii U was never a thing.

Sadly, it just doesn’t have the technical oomph of its competitors. That’s a given, of course, because it’s a quasi-portable and Nintendo never really focuses on that sort of thing, but it’s the truth of it. When you combine these two factors together, you get a system that’s seeing all kinds of ports of popular titles, but fans who are never sure how the games are going to run on Switch.

When last we caught a glimpse of The Witcher 3 Complete Edition on Switch, it was looking pretty darn good. Yes, those were just screenshots and the game in motion might be a different prospect entirely, but still. The devs promised that the compromises necessary to bring the game to the system won’t be too detrimental. More importantly, the screenshots are proudly emblazoned with a watermark that promises they’re actually from the Switch version of the game. No shenanigans here.

Via: NintendoLife

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When it comes to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, however, shenanigans are afoot. The eShop’s shots of the game, as canny Redditors have reported, were captured on a PS4. With the way that the Switch versions of multi-format titles can take significant visual hits (again, to be expected), this sort of thing is several different types of uncool.

Not only that, but early word is that the Switch port is pretty darn bad all around. Polygon reports “serious frame rate and optimization issues,” while social media gets the word out in its own inimitable way:

Unfortunate as it is, you may just want to save your eShop credit for now. On the plus side, though, the team have resolved to work on these issues, as they explained in their own Tweets:

Hang tight, Switch owners. Help seems to be at hand.

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