10 Board Games That Are Easy Pickups For Parties

We've found some of the very best board games to pick up for parties. Here are our favorite easy and fun multiplayer games.

Need to plan a party, or get together and need some entertainment? Or maybe you just want something to kill some time with a group without having to rely on everyone staring down at their phones. Well, guess what? We have you covered.

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These ten board games can be fun for all ages with a few caveats. Plus they are all relatively cheap and as the name suggests, easy to pick up for anyone who can at the very least read.

10 Cranium

Cranium is the perfect all-round board game for the family. It can be played in pairs of two or more on a team and what is great about it is the variety.

There is sculpting with clay, drawing, trivia, pop culture references, peppering, and so much more. Even the most notorious sourpuss will have a riot with Cranium. Just make sure to keep that molding clay in good condition. It can get worn down pretty fast.

9 Sour Apples To Apples

Sour Apples To Apples is somewhere in-between the original game, which is aimed at everyone and Cards Against Humanity, which is the complete opposite. We had that one on a similar list, but we wanted this to be all-inclusive for everyone.

The addition of the more ambiguous cards along with the simple addition of the apple buzzer makes this version a lot more fun than the original. It’s also pretty fairly priced.

8 Buzz Word


If words, reading, and writing are some favorite hobbies, then Buzz Word could be the perfect game for all you English nerds.

Each card has one clue. The back of the box gives the word ball as one example. With 45 seconds players need to solve as many of the ten presented riddles as possible. They will all be related to the titular Buzz Word, like ball in this instance, so some answers could be beach ball, meatball, and so on. It’s a work out for the mind.

7 5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule is similar to Buzz Word but without the guidance of clues. A card could ask the reader to name three female actresses. They have five seconds to then do so. If they do it, the buck passes to the next person who has to do the same thing without repeating any answers.

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Whoever can’t do it is the loser of that round. It may sound easy, but put on the spot, it can be quite stressful and yet fun at the same time.

6 Wits and Wagers

Wits and Wagers is a fun spin on the typical trivia game. In a way, it’s sort of like Family Feud where every piece of trivia on the cards is based on surveyed facts and questionnaires. The goal then is to get as close as possible to the number by betting on certain spots on the game board.

How many women play video games? That could be a question. The answers can range from pure numbers to percentages. It sounds more complicated than it is, but trust us, it is fun.

5 Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase is an easy way to pass time in any given situation. This electronic device will give the reader a word, or phrase. Let’s say Spider-Man comes up. The asker can then describe him in any way possible without saying spider, or man. So they could say this is a web-slinging superhero from Marvel.

If a person gets it right, the device is then passed along. It can be played for points on teams, but we like it more for passing the time just for fun whether it is at home, or in the car.

4 Exploding Kittens

This toes the line between raunchy and wholesome. There are no swears, but there are a few gross-out cards, especially if you play the NSFW edition. Anyway as the name suggests, Exploding Kittens is about bombed cats.

For how many people are playing, one less than the total number will then be accounted for in bombs. So if there are four people, three bombs will be inserted into the deck. It’s sort of like a Battle Royale in who can survive the longest by defusing bombs and or passing the buck, along with random actions.

3 Smart Ass

Smart Ass is a more traditional trivia board game. There are four sets of question categories: Who, What, Where, and Hard Ass. Who pertains to people, where can be about places, and what is about everything else. Hard Ass cards then are special situations.

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The question reader goes through ten clues for the card. Everyone can guess, but they only get one shot. If no one gets it the card reader then gets the point, which allows him/her to roll the dice and move forward. The board is pretty small so games can go fast.

2 I Should Have Known That

Like Catch Phrase, I Should Have Known That is one of those games that can be played with points, or to just kill some time. As the name might suggest these questions are all fairly common pop culture facts.

Players are punished if they don’t know really easy questions because they are worth the most points. It’s kind of like golf in that the more points a player gets the worse off they are. Again though, points don’t need to be involved. Simply reading through cards can be fun in and of itself.

1 Conspiracy Theory

We saved the weirdest suggestion for last because quite honestly Conspiracy Theory might be for a niche audience. It is a trivia game all about conspiracy theory “facts” or what is to be believed as fact.

Even if one isn’t knowledgeable in any of this stuff, the quirkiness of the questions will at the very least be great conversation starters. There are some pretty strange facts in here and we’ve had some pretty interesting discussions the few times that we’ve popped this one out.

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