The 10 Best Video Board Games, Ranked

Video games are fun and immersive experiences. However, many of them don’t begin and end while playing on a specific console. Some franchises have been popular enough to get board game adaptations that keep the fun going even while the TV or PC monitor is off.

Many of these board games do an excellent job of recreating the moments found in those games, and they’re great collectible items for fans. If you’re a gamer and want to add a few new board games to your life, then we’ll be ranking the 10 best video board games you can buy right now.

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Super Mario Level Up! looks like a goofy kids game, but there's more to it than that. There are several Mario characters placed on the board, with the objective to level up. Each player is given a card detailing which characters they want to level up. However, each player is also given two "veto" votes that can remove certain characters from the board.

Those who scored the highest points with the characters on their card is the winner. There's a surprising amount of depth to this game, and players can heavily sabotage each other if they know how to abuse the game's mechanics.


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You probably know how to play chess, but if you have any interest in video games, then this The Legend of Zelda chess set might be the thing that ties you over. This chess set is in a premium, exclusive box, featuring gold and black pieces rather than white and black.

The pieces are based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, featuring Link, Zelda, Epona, Impa, Darunia, and Navi on one side, and Ganon with his numerous lackeys on the other. This chess set is perfect for fans of Nintendo's adventure series, as it makes for a great collectible.


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Risk is an intense strategy game where players must conquer the world by eliminating their opponents. In the Halo: Legendary Edition of the game, players will take the battle to the Halo Ring from the iconic series, where they will control the UNSC, Covenant, or the Flood.

There are multiple maps in the game, allowing for a dynamic number of players to finish the fight. However, this version of Risk throws in other goals on top of conquest to win the game. The players who keep track of their objectives will win the game and save the galaxy.


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Bloodborne is a game made by the minds behind the difficult Dark Souls series. When being translated to a card game, it was important to keep the spirit of the game intact while making it fun for newcomers. The resulting Bloodborne: The Card Game is an impressive recreation of the PS4 title.

Players each control Hunters that they must upgrade as the game goes on. Traveling through random dungeons, they'll encounter famous monsters from the game that only get stronger as time goes on. It's simple and easy to set up, but difficult to win, which is perfect for an adaptation of Bloodborne.


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Fallout is one of Bethesda's biggest game franchises. Despite the awful release of Fallout 76, there are still plenty of fans out there. For those fans, the Fallout board game is an interesting title. Every player is thrown into an unfamiliar world, where they must take their turns to explore, collect resources, and fight monsters.

Sidequests and faction goals are important factors in the game, and those who accomplish them will end up the victors. However, monsters also get a turn, and there's no telling when a dangerous beast will destroy players in an instant. The game features scenarios based on Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.


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In the Assassin's Creed Board Game, each player has to adapt to changes in the environment. Sometimes, their target will have guards that can move between locations. Each player takes the role of an assassin in Constantinople. Their goal is to hunt down primary targets with whatever methods they see fit.

Other times, their target will be prepared for them, forcing Assassins to power up before they can take them on. Worst case scenario: there will be another Assassin trying to knock out your very same target. The Assassin who eliminates their target first is the winner. It's an intense action board game.


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In the Street Fighter Deck-Building Game, players will take control of one of the popular fighters from Capcom's beloved series, whether it be Ryu, Ken, or Chun Li. They start out with basic techniques but have to make their way around the world and challenge many other opponents and gain more moves as time goes on.

With the right skills and stats in tow, players may become the fighting champion. The goal of the game is to take on the most Stage Bosses and accumulate more points than anyone else. May the best fighter win the tournament and stomp their foes.


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With Resident Evil 2 recently getting a remake on modern consoles, now is the best time to look at Resident Evil 2: The Board Game. This game is a cooperative survival horror adventure where up to four players must work together to live and fight another day. The board game expertly recreates the tension found in the video game.

At any moment, players can walk into a safe room and suddenly be cornered by all types of zombies. With enemies ready to corner you with the roll of the dice, there's no telling what you'll face in this beautifully scary board game.


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Arguably the most complex and hands-on board game on the list, Dark Souls: The Board Game was funded on Kickstarter and attempts to translate the cutthroat action and many deaths of the Dark Souls video game to tabletop play.

Players will work through dungeons and famous locations from the games, fighting iconic monsters and bosses. Players can only win by learning the enemies' attack patterns and overcoming them. If one player gets killed, they can respawn by everyone traveling to a bonfire. Beware, though, because going to a bonfire means that all defeated enemies will respawn. Designed with multiple expansions, Dark Souls: The Board Game is a Souls-fan's dream.


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While most Monopoly editions are little more than re-skinned versions of the original game, the same isn't the case with Monopoly Gamer. Taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom, Monopoly Gamer has players collecting coins and purchasing locations from the Super Mario series.

However, each playable character has a special power that can be activated with a special dice roll. Furthermore, there are numerous bosses in the game that can be defeated for extra coins or properties. It's an action-heavy twist on the Monopoly formula that is sure to excite many players. The game also has extra characters that can be purchased and added to the game.

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