Board Games Based On Video Games That Are Actually Worth Buying

We currently live in a world where spin-offs and remakes seem to be the in thing. Disney is in the process of turning all of its animated classics into live-action movies, and don't get us started on how many Spider-Man films there are now. In the gaming world, turning popular video games into movies has made for something of a mixed bag. The Tomb Raider games were outstanding, but the movies that have come off the back of them, not so much. On the flip side. The Lion King video game was just as good as the movie, although it was frustratingly difficult.

The other realm in which there has been a surprising amount of crossover with the video game world is the often ignored board game equivalent. Like most people, if you think of Monopoly and Risk when you go to grab a board game, you are missing out on an entire sector of the industry inspired by some of your favorite video games. Like the sound of physically playing some of your favorite video games in the form of board games? Here are a few of our favorites to get you started and where you can buy them.

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

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Anyone who has played either of the Portal video games will know all too well that they are very much equal parts entertaining and infuriating. Teleporting yourself and other items in a series of increasingly more mind-bending experiments. However, of the three video game inspired board games we gave a whirl, this one was the easiest to understand. That goes a long way if you're going to crack it out when you have non-gaming guests over to visit. As the name implies, the aim of the game is to acquire cake. You do this by eliminating test subjects as quickly as you possibly can. Once a team has rid itself of all its test subjects, whoever has the most cake is declared the winner.


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While the Portal board game is great for the layman, chances are if you are going to invest your hard earned money into a video game inspired board game, you want it to be pretty S.P.E.C.I.A.L.. Well, as far as we can tell, they don't get much more special than Fallout's offering. The amount of detail Bethesda has put into the tabletop adventure is remarkable. Each game starts off with one of four different scenarios, and then the quest and encounter cards (all 150 of them) you come across along the way mean the various paths and outcomes of the game are almost endless. Yes, the rules can get pretty confusing, but they are worth it and will make total sense if you're a Fallout fan.

Doom: The Board Game

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Turns out Bethesda is quite the board game creator. Not only have the developers managed to successfully turn Fallout into a board game, but they've done a terrific job making that transformation with Doom too. As you can see, Doom will set you back a little more than Fallout should you opt to buy it, but we believe it is worth the extra for the added level of accessibility. Similar to Fallout, it does require a little bit of knowledge about the video games for you to really enjoy it. However, we can picture newbies to the franchise having fun once they get the swing of things. We would certainly consider Doom the board game a bigger hit than we imagine the upcoming Doom movie is going to be. Yikes.

There you were thinking the era of the board game had very much been and gone, and here we are showing you that it is quite the contrary. In the ongoing war between gamers about whether single-player stories or multiplayer adventures are better, here we have a medium that offers both. Plus, in a situation where a group of you can't decide whether to fire up a console or dust off a tabletop game? Buy one of the above and pop it in the cupboard so if and when that situation does arise, you have a solution that pleases both parties.

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