Nice: In Borderlands 3, If You Do 69 Damage Your Character Giggles

The Borderlands franchise has always been known for including a fair amount of crude humor within its games, and the recently released Borderlands 3 seems to be taking that to another level, as players can hear their character let out a chuckle whenever they deal exactly 69 damage.

Reddit user, Brunky89890 made the discovery before posting the clip online and giving everyone who scrolled past the Borderlands 3 subreddit a good laugh.

In the clip, you can hear Brunky's character let out a very slight laugh moments after the "69" damage counter disappears from the screen. The chuckle can really only be heard on the right-sided audio channel, and you can only hear it by wearing headphones or by turning the volume up a fair amount. It's clear that Gearbox wanted to make the joke a subtle one, which definitely makes it work a bit better. It serves as just another small addition to the wide array of jokes that can be found within Borderlands 3.

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The game's jokes have been a bit annoying to some, as a few players have complained about Borderlands 3's excessive use of sophomoric humor, arguing that it takes away from a great gameplay experience. Gearbox did go above and beyond in delivering its jokes, even giving players a mission where they're rewarded for killing themselves intentionally, followed by an enemy character mocking them for their willingness do to so. It's safe to say that the game doesn't take itself too seriously.

Whether or not you enjoy Borderlands 3 and all of its quirky jokes can have a lot to do with the sense of humor you have. If you enjoy slapstick comedy - or at least have a decent tolerance for it - there's a great chance that you'll love the game. If not, you might just want to throw on a good playlist and turn down your TV's volume.

Overall, Borderlands 3 has been a critical and financial success, earning generally favorable reviews and selling a large number of copies, even becoming the best selling game of 2019 so far in the UK. If you're looking for a good game with a lot of low brow humor, then look no further than Borderlands 3Now we just have to wait and see what happens when you deal 420 damage.

Source: Reddit

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