The Best Places To Farm Money In Borderlands 3

Unlike the previous games money plays a much greater role in making your character the strongest they can be and survive the dangers of the universe in Borderlands 3. Money is used to buy better gear, health items, tons and tons of ammo, but most importantly Storage Deck Upgrades to carry more of everything.

As such it’s important you dedicate some time to grinding out money so you can buy these upgrades to carry more loot, gear, ammo, and surprisingly even money. So far these are the best places fans have found to farm money in this great game.

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10 Moxxi’s Bar

Honestly you shouldn’t spend too much time or too much of your money here, but if you don’t have a whole lot of time to play, need a break from the mindless killing or just have a gambling problem, Moxxi’s Bar can be a place to farm money.

There have been mixed reports about which slot machine is best or if the odds get better depending on ‘x’ strategy, so for now just pick one, try it a few times and see how it goes. Pocket whatever cash you get, sell whatever loot pops up, and don’t get sucked in.

9 Pandora Skag Cave

If you need some cash early on in the game then the Skag Cave on Pandora is you’re best bet. It’s found in Ascension Bluff and you’ll want a vehicle because it’s a little far to walk and killing Skags is much faster with a mounted gun.

In the bottom right corner of the map near the spawn point is a small cave full of Skags. Once they’re eliminated a boss will spawn and killing him drops some decent loot and a good amount of cash. Once the boss is gone pop inside and you’ll find a weapons chest for either a better weapon or something you can pawn at the vending machine.

8 Typhon Logs

This isn’t a single location, but multiple sites scattered across the planets. These Typhon Logs provide a bit of lore about the area and some background on the mysterious character who made them. Once you finish the Typhon Log area you gain access to a weapons locker.

This weapons locker is a great source for powerful armaments or can be pawned for a good chunk of change. They aren’t exactly farmable, but it’d be foolish to pass them up.

7 Proving Grounds

When you beat the main story and find yourself in the endgame you’ll find cash may be more important than ever to keep your ammo supplies maxed out and grab the powerful gear that sometimes shows up at the vendors.

The Proving Grounds is a great place to grab some money and valuable loot. There are three waves of enemies followed by a boss and the faster you beat it the better the rewards are. It’s a great activity to do when you have limited time and want to earn a decent amount.

6 Circle of Slaughter

If you have a little more time to play than you should definitely spend it grinding out the Circle of Slaughter. It’s very similar to Proving Grounds except the waves keep coming and the enemies are much tougher.

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Make sure you have a lot of space in both your inventory and your Lost Loot Machine because you’ll be swimming in goodies you can sell for a great price. There’s also quite a bit of money that hits the ground given all the enemies so have fun slaughtering the hordes.

5 Graveward

If you want a more focused and streamlined approach to making money then the boss Graveward is a great foe to farm for cash. Found in the Vault in Eden-6 he’s a tough foe that can make it rain when he finally collapses and has a high chance of dropping high end gear.

To speed up the process complete the Raiders of the Lost Rock quest to get the Porcelain Pipe Bomb grenade mod. It does excellent damage against the Graveward and cuts down on total fighting time which minimizes your overall grind.

4 Servant’s Lift Loot Tink

This was a lot more lucrative before the patch, but is still a great source of income for dedicated players. Located on Eden-6 at Jakob’s Estate is the Servant Lift area where a Loot Tink can sometimes spawn. It used to be a guaranteed spawn, but it’s now a likely spawn so don’t be surprised if you can’t find it right away or have to come back a couple of times.

Once it triggers the Loot Tink will have a very good chance of having legendary gear on him, especially at higher difficulties, his backpack is also bound to have a number of high priced items you can hawk.

3 Chupacabratch

Like the Jakob Estate Loot Tink the Chupacabratch was much more lucrative before the recent patch nerfed it, yet it remains a strong boss to farm if you’re in need of some credits. It’s found in Athenas, Athenas near the graveyard you went to for the Impending Storm mission to grab some Eridium.

You’ll have to fight some Ratch to reach the Chipacabratch and the creature is a rather tough fight so shoot it in the mouth for criticals. If you can manage to bring it down it’s a great source of occasional legendaries and credits.

2 Wainwright Jakobs Mansion

Right now one of the greatest sources of money making is located in Jakob’s Mansion on Eden-6 in the Floodmoor Basin. It’s the side quest with Wainwright Jakobs that allows you access to the interior of his mansion. Just inside the entrance are two weapons chests that contain great loot.

Once you pick them clean pawn the items at the nearby vendor, close the game, bring it back up and you’ll be right beside the chests which are ripe for the picking. It’s a bit of a cheat, but a great way to bring in large amounts of cash.

1 Thieving Jabbers

The single best way to make a ton of money in this game without cheating or glitches is through Thieving Jabbers. Thieving Jabbers hold barrels that when shot will spill out money for quite some time, the idea is to follow them around scooping up the credits, and when the well runs dry killing them for great loot, possibly even legendaries.

The best place to farm them is in the Floodmore Basin. Near the spawn point take the lift down to the caves, grab a vehicle and once you’re out of the caves take a lefthand path and you’ll see some Thieving Jabbers running around. It typically spawns three, but some fans have reported as many as eight popping up here.

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