The 5 Best Things About Borderlands 3 (& The 5 Worst)

Borderlands 3 has been met with much fanfare. Here are 5 things about the game that are great and give things that aren't so awesome.

After a long seven-year wait, Gearbox has finally released the highly-anticipated Borderlands 3. The game comes with a brand new storyline, characters, and plenty of experiences to be had. The general consensus among gamers is that this fourth installment in the Borderlands series was well worth the wait, but there are some with some concerns as well. Maybe it's the new game quirks that Gearbox will work out given enough time, or maybe there are just some things Borderlands 3 fans will have to live without. In either case, here are the five best things about Borderlands 3—and the five worst.

10 BEST: The Loot

While a recent patch nerfed just how often players get legendary items in their loot drops, there's a reason Borderlands games are shooter looter games. Pre-hotfix, players were farming hundreds and hundreds of legendary items per hour.

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While this was awesome for the first week of gameplay, it probably wouldn't have been so awesome a few months down the road. As Syndrome says in The Incredibles: "Once everyone's super, no one will be." But don't fret if you haven't played yet! Borderlands 3 still boasts plenty of legendary loot for you!

9 WORST: The Writing

Those on a nostalgia kick or huge fans of 90s-esque juvenile comedy may disagree, but after seven years of story planning and writing, you'd think Gearbox would have changed up the narrative a little bit. Borderlands 3 is like that high school friend you haven't seen since you graduated seven years ago, and while they're older and look a little different, they still have that same immature sense of humor you enjoyed as a teenager but have since outgrown. The sense of humor and forced characterization in some instances leaves something to be desired.

8 BEST: Fast Travel

Borderlands 3 has a big map to explore that spans over multiple planets, so it's not just nice to have a fast travel option; it's a necessity. Better yet, it's an extremely easy skill to master. There are fast travel stations all over the world for your convenience, and better yet, you can travel to one at any given time just by pulling up your map. This makes navigating Pandora and the other planets in Borderlands a cinch and saves you the time it would take to manually travel everywhere. Additionally, as long as you've spawned your vehicle at a Catch-a-Ride, you can fast travel to your vehicle, too!

7 WORST: Weapons Interface

Borderlands fans have griped to Gearbox about a number of things, the least of which is the messy and hard-to-navigate interface for comparing and outfitting guns with skins and attachments. In a shooter and looter game, comparing new loot to the loadout you already have should be visualization priority number one. It should be a lot easier to equip weapons with cosmetics than it currently is, especially given the game genre. With any luck, Gearbox will make fixing this interface their next priority after fixing the ridiculous amount of legendaries available in loot drops.

6 BEST: Sidequests

You might be the type of person who takes your time in a game's campaign to make sure you hit all the sidequests along the way—or you might be the opposite and rip through the campaign in as little time as possible. Lucky for everyone, Borderlands 3 caters to both of these types of gamers.

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Not only are there plenty of sidequests (a total of 72!) to earn XP and gear, but you can do them whenever you want. You can procrastinate to your heart's content or get them out of the way ASAP. If you do decide to push them back until you've leveled up a little bit, the sidequests themselves will level up to match your level.


When you're in the heat of a firefight, the last thing you want is your FPS to drop into oblivion. Unfortunately, this is something Borderlands 3 players have had to deal with since the game's release. There are a few quick fixes that work if it really bothers you to lose frames every time you aim down sights, but as they require reducing the overall quality of the game, chances are you'll only be temporarily happy with this fix. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your game quality in order to keep your FPS high.

4 BEST: Ping System

If you're familiar with Apex Legends, you know Respawn implemented a ping system to change the face of multiplayer gameplay forever while also enabling introvert gamers to keep their microphones off. Now Borderlands 3 has a similar ping system that lets you alert teammates of nearby enemies, loot, objectives, and more. If you aren't a fan of teammates yelling down your headset, this new ping system takes the guilt out of muting your entire squad just to avoid that person. Though, if you do like good, old-fashioned headset communication, that's always an option, too.

3 WORST: Balancing Issues

It's not easy to balance any game right from the getgo, especially with as many weapons and characters as the Borderlands series boasts. There's no doubt Gearbox will make it a priority to continue balancing their game, just like they're attempting to do with the loot hotfix, but in the meantime, Borderlands fans are asking for weapons buffs, map changes, and greater damage dealt. In the wake of the hotfix, some gamers are disappointed and think the loot has been nerfed too hard. This one is really up to personal opinion, but until the game has been out for a while, balancing will continue to be a problem.

2 BEST: Mission Reward Guns

From the Cloud Kill to the Redistributor, there's no shortage of unique weapons with crazy abilities to vaporize enemies in Borderlands 3. But you can only get so many awesome weapons from loot drops and random enemies you take down in your adventures. Some of the best weapons in the game are only available after completing missions.

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That being said, the weapons you earn from missions are definitely worth the effort. Whether you want a pistol with an under-barrel grenade launcher that also heals you or an SMG with supercharged shots, hop into some missions!

1 WORST: Nothing New

If you were really looking forward to some brand new gameplay and the feel of a newer game when Borderlands 3 came out, chances are you'll be a little disappointed. Borderlands 3 stays so true to its aesthetic that it's hard to point out major differences between it and the games that came before it. It can be disheartening to wait seven years (or five if you played the prequel) just to be handed a game you could have played all that time just by popping Borderlands 2 back in.

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