Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: Breakdown About The (Leaked) Event

We're coming up on October, which means all your favorite games are gearing up for their big Halloween events. And considering that Borderlands 3 is still fresh in the minds of many gamers, there wasn't a shadow of doubt that they weren't preparing a spooky activity for its players to run through.

Because this is the internet, and nothing shall ever remain a secret, the event in question has already mostly been leaked. Thus, we have the first real details about how Gearbox plans to dress up Borderlands 3 for the scariest season of the year.

Is Any Harvest In Borderlands Not Bloody?

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The event is going to called Bloody Harvest, which is likely a callback to T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest, one of the "Headhunter" DLC packs from Borderlands 2. Whether or not this means we're going to be getting another cameo appearance from the zombified Borderlands NPC remains to be seen.

This particular bit of DLC will be free for players, and will of course be Halloween-themed, with a bit of an Autumn feel as well. It was announced by Gearbox at PAX West along with another piece of free content called Maliwan Takedown. Shortly after being revealed, people were already digging through the game files for information, and sure enough they found it.

So far we know for sure that there will new Halloween skins, heads, and other cosmetics to dress up your Vault Hunters and their weaponry. You can probably expect to find new kinds of guns, and other loot as rewards for running Bloody Harvest missions. Hopefully, there'll be a gun that fires candy corn - and since candy corn is so disgusting, it should do radioactive damage as well.

There's also going to be new enemy types such as the "Bloody Harvest Ghost" (which we really hope is just a bandit in a bedsheet), the "Rakk-O-Lantern", and the "Haunted Punk." Other enemies will likely be reskinned as well to fit the frightening atmosphere. We know of a boss in the game called Captain Haunt, who is a skeletal version of the main campaign's Captain Traunt, and we assume will be the kind of massive raid boss that will likely pay out some nice purple, and possibly even gold guns upon defeating.  Claptrap will also probably have some kind of dumb, meme-y costume that we won't stop hearing about.

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And what would be Borderlands be without some good old fashioned Wasteland humor? We definitely know of some voice lines, mostly coming from the Ice-T voiced teddy bear Balex. For example: "I wanna see costumes, people! Slutty robot, slutty vault monster, I don't care - just make it slutty!" Hopefully it sounds better coming out of Ice-T's mouth.  There will also be jabs at everyone's favorite seasonal punching bag, the pumpkin spiced latte.

What Exactly Is A "Spooky Activity"?

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As for the so-called "spooky activities", we don't know for sure what exactly that means as of yet. Since this is Borderlands we're talking about, it'll probably entail collecting eggs to throw at Vaughn, or trick or treating for guns at Marcus' house.

There's also "Bloody Harvest Challenges", which will either be the new missions, or will be specific kinds of side challenges that can completed for bonus loot. These are possibly goals similar to the ones in-game, like "shoot X-amount of zombies", or "collect X-amount of candy", and so on.

Finally, it looks like there's a new game mechanic being added in specifically for Bloody Harvest. It's an aspect called Terror, which will apparently affect your gun accuracy when you're around the more terrifying enemy types. You'll also get a new form of currency called Hecktoplasm, which you'll need to gather to gain access to all this new content, and will probably be used for other goodies too.

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We're Also Hoping For A Patch, And Not A Pumpkin Patch

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It's nice that Borderlands 3 is giving out free content updates in addition to their more meaty DLC expansions. We know of at least Bloody Harvest, and Maliwan Takedown, and it wouldn't be surprising to see some Christmas or Winter themed content drops later on as well. We're bound to find out more about Bloody Harvest as Fall rears it's orangey-red head ever nearer.

Let's also hope that we hear more about how Gearbox is planning to fix the game's various buggy issues, which is where the real fear is coming from right now.

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