Borderlands 3 Will Have Record Number Of Bosses And Each Planet Its Own Ecosystem, Says Designer

Borderlands 3 lead enemy designer, Josh Jeffcoat, has revealed that the upcoming game has more bosses than any previous Borderlands title, while every planet will be vastly different, as they will all have their own ecosystems and enemies.

Gearbox streamed a gameplay reveal via Twitch on Wednesday, giving fans a look at what's to come, with the much-anticipated release possibly garnering the most intrigue among gamers this year - set to drop this September.

Jeffcoat, who was interviewed by Gamesindustry.biz following the reveal, delivered some insight as it relates to the careful design that has made the ecosystems and foes on each planet unique.

"We had to design completely different ecosystems and enemies for every single planet," he explained. "We had to make something new, we couldn’t just bring something over. Just trying to come to grips with the scope and how we were going to be able to build everything in time was an incredible obstacle to overcome.

"And the number of bosses in the game and those really big set piece moments is much more than in any other Borderlands game. Just an absurd number. It was so big that my department built a brand new department only for those mega-moment bosses. My friend Matt Cox runs the boss team, and his only job is that every huge, major boss fight in the game goes through him. That’s how we solved that problem – we got more people and piled onto it."

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Producer Anthony Nicholson was also interviewed by the aforementioned publication and noted that, while the development team looked to give players loads of fresh content, they've mostly stuck to what works.

"We know what we're good at and what people love about Borderlands," he said. "We already had a strong foundation, so it was more about finding the things we know people really cling to and we know we do well, and expanding on those things. It was all more about us taking a look in the mirror, looking at what we know is good from what we've done before that's been proven to be good, and making that better."

Borderlands 3 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13th. You could also read TheGamer's report on all of the big changes you can expect to see in the game when it finally drops.

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