The Best Builds For Co-Op In Borderlands 3

Now that Borderlands 3 has finally launched following months of hype building, smashing hopes for other developers releasing games at the same time, players are looking for the most efficient duo classes to progress through the game. Borderlands 3 offers a broad range of ways to play the game through the use of diverse talent trees, and some classes shine better alone than when playing with a partner.

Amara The Siren Can Be Friends With Everyone

In many ways, Amara feels as though she was designed as a duo partner that can excel with virtually any other class. Her Fist of the Elements skill tree provides Phase Grasp, Ties that Bind, and other snare/root/crowd control abilities that are useful in any situation. Selecting Ties that Bind along with Allure allows for a skillful Amara to group enemies together, making it easy to burst them down and use explosive or area of effect skills.

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Amara’s Dread skill further plays into this, instantly reloading the guns of a teammate if they kill an enemy that has been Grasped. By focusing on doing this routinely, a skillful Amara can make any duo team feel like they are sweeping through an area quickly with the Hollywood-style action of never needing to reload their weapons.

Fl4K The Beast Master

FL4K is currently one of the more popular characters in both solo and duo play. His Stalker skill tree provides stealth themed abilities which can be useful in various situations. FL4K has various abilities that provide health bonuses and health regeneration to himself and a teammate. If one is playing for the first time or with a friend who is new to the series, this can be a forgiving buffer that keeps everyone nice and healthy. The stalker tree also makes the best pet quite resistant as a tank to distract the front line while you and a partner sit safely back with long-range weapons to take out targets.

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When partnered with Amara, a FL4K who has invested heavily into the Hunter skill tree will benefit immensely from grasped targets, sitting back in relative safety and using a high-powered Sniper rifle to instantly delete a target.

Moze the Gunner

The Demolition Woman skill tree can be a huge help to any team, regardless of whether a partner is using other support abilities. Moze will focus on her area of attack explosions here, which is perfect for taking out the numerous enemies that come your way, sometimes too many at a time. If Moze works on the many, another player can focus on the few, specializing in taking out the larger, more durable targets. Once again, FL4K and his long-range heavy Sniper shots can do this effectively.

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In this same skill tree, Moze can take the Rocket Pod action skill augment to provide Target Softening, which grants everyone in your team an extra 15% damage from all sources. On weaker targets one may not notice the difference, since common enemies do not last long against rockets in the first place. However, hit a boss with a rocket every so often and suddenly they are taking far more damage from you and your duo teammate, helping finish the fight far sooner. Dakka Bear is another choice for Moze that literally invites teammates to join through a manner turret on the back of Iron Bear.

Zane the Operative

We leave Zane for last because his skill tree is perhaps the least intuitive for duo and team play. This is because he has outstanding damage potential through the use of his clone, and in many ways, simply being a DPS beast can be a great help to a teammate without the need for synergistic buffs. With that said, this also makes Zane an outstanding choice for solo play.

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When playing with duos, consider taking the skill Which One’s Real? to provide a quick safety net for a teammate in serious danger. By distracting an enemy, a teammate can stay alive. Some may find this useful, but others may simply use the time to eliminate whatever threat is current facing their teammate.

It's clear that most characters can work well together, but it depends on an individual’s playstyle. Amara won’t be of much use if a player does not understand the supportive nature of her toolkit. Take a look at what manner of playstyle best fits for you when picking a class to play in duos!

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